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Ill-Ad-532 t1_jabortn wrote

I mean, you can say it’s luck but what evolutionary purpose would anal taste buds serve


Dor_42 OP t1_jabozlt wrote

Self diagnosis for digestive related diseases?! Like if you tasted blood 🤷🏻‍♂️


Ill-Ad-532 t1_jabp3u3 wrote

We can’t even detect if something is poisonous with the taste buds we do have, kids drink antifreeze still


DoodDoes t1_jacz6ve wrote

It wasn’t until the invention of flavored condoms that humanity realized god’s beautiful plan for us


No-Assignment7129 t1_jabwvby wrote

Having taste buds at anus serves no purpose. For saying to be lucky or unlucky, taste anal taste buds should have been part of evolution which eventually disappeared and some still carrying the defect to study the effects.


QuevedoDeMalVino t1_jabuuxq wrote

Yet some find it adequate to put their taste buds in contact with other person’s.


danhoyuen t1_jaby71n wrote

now you can taste taco bell twice! wait a minute i already can...


Boatster_McBoat t1_jabzb2w wrote

What train of thought led you to this? No. I don't want to know


HunterMcfish t1_jac8eg9 wrote

Born with none on our anus... yet there's a lot of people with taste buds on their anus RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!


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CousinDerylHickson t1_jabphnz wrote

I think taste is what drives us to do/obtain what is healthy to eat and/or partake in, with these tastes being shaped by natural selection to actually drive us towards healthy, survival benefiting behaviors. We need to poop, so I don't think it would be likely to develop taste buds that would cause us to actively avoid a necessary function


engineeringretard t1_jabz3nd wrote

If we could, I’m sure it’d ass-taste fine.

Oooph. The Nora virus would hit different though I bet.


CousinDerylHickson t1_jad210s wrote

But if it tasted fine, our poop would probably taste fine, and then we might be more inclined to eat it which would be unhealthy. I think that's why poop usually smells bad, so that we don't eat it and get sick or waste energy digesting non nutritious substances


felixrocket7835 t1_jac3glc wrote

We do, only males though.

Also not sure this counts as a showerthought


BackRowRumour t1_jac66kj wrote

If evolution felt the need to do it, which is not how evolution works but yoh get it, then we'd probably enjoy the taste enough most of the time to make it ok.


AdInternal81 t1_jaebci7 wrote

We'd be so accustomed to it that you wouldn't notice it if it wasn't evolutionary important, like when you're really sick cause you ate something bad, but that might be a good thing overall. But just like you never smell your snot or taste your spit, so too would be true of your poop.