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MarkusRuleTheGym t1_jeedbou wrote

The harsh reality about speaking multiple languages is that I sometimes speak in my mothertongue and don’t know the words I want to say but I know the word in English for example an have to Google the word in my language to know it again


thechickenmoo t1_jeeyums wrote

What does it mean when I don't know more than one language but my recall is so bad I have to start searching a thesaurus daily to find the word I want?


Hary_the_VII t1_jef2l85 wrote

Whenever that happens to me I feel so confused. It's like in my head I know exactly what I want to say, but for the love of god I cannot recall the word in my native language whilst the word in English just pops right in.


MarkusRuleTheGym t1_jefgd6s wrote

Same here. I just stand there and i buffer like a yt Video on shit Internet meanwhile the Quality off Video Drops down to 240p


AlternativeShadows t1_jef9bfj wrote

Same but my first language is American sign language so I can't Google it :(


MarkusRuleTheGym t1_jefgi15 wrote

Wow what Do you Do when this happens


AlternativeShadows t1_jefh5mg wrote

Suffer lol

I forgot the English word for "window" recently so I was just frantically gesturing to myself trying to make the right neurons fire


MarkusRuleTheGym t1_jefhfx1 wrote

Dam son thats harsh. But there Gott be something with pictures and asl next to it or how Do you g people learn?


AlternativeShadows t1_jefic75 wrote

I learned how to speak ASL alongside English for the most part, though deaf people usually learn how to communicate in ASL and how to read English as well. So ASL is learned mostly by watching other people sign, because there's no written ASL learning it through flashcards or something isn't ideal