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racermd t1_jdtva3b wrote

If golf we're a sport, that'd be true. But it's more of an activity.

And before I get down-voted to oblivion, let me explain. Sports combine technical ability with extreme physical exertion. Without the physical exertion, such as with golf, you're left with activities that nearly anyone can excel at given sufficient training.


OutdoorGeeek t1_jdu15kg wrote

This is usually said by someone who never did any sport.


wotmate t1_jdu84n6 wrote

Is archery or target shooting a sport? Bobsleigh? Chess? Darts? Croquet? Horse racing? Snooker?


There are dozens of sports that don't have extreme physical exertion.


sonicMayhem t1_jduqjeo wrote

I didn't downvote, but you should try golf.

A sport doesn't require extreme exertion.

Golf takes physical effort, timing, coordination, and mental focus. There are competitions and rules.

Come play 2 rounds with me and tell me it's not a sport. I'll buy the beer.


WranglerDanger t1_jdvyggr wrote

Ahem, harrumph. GoLf aiNt a sP0Rt.

runs and grabs his bag, shoes and box of X-outs before sprinting toward @sonicMayhem's cart