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Clid3r t1_jdt2u27 wrote

Can confirm.

I’ve had five in the last two years… all street legal. They are a ton of fun to use for regular around town stuff.


racermd t1_jdtva3b wrote

If golf we're a sport, that'd be true. But it's more of an activity.

And before I get down-voted to oblivion, let me explain. Sports combine technical ability with extreme physical exertion. Without the physical exertion, such as with golf, you're left with activities that nearly anyone can excel at given sufficient training.


wotmate t1_jdu84n6 wrote

Is archery or target shooting a sport? Bobsleigh? Chess? Darts? Croquet? Horse racing? Snooker?


There are dozens of sports that don't have extreme physical exertion.


mostly_hrmless t1_jduhiq9 wrote

If that were true wouldn't they be golf cars? Are carts cars? I feel like being a car is a prerequisite for being a sports car.


sonicMayhem t1_jduqjeo wrote

I didn't downvote, but you should try golf.

A sport doesn't require extreme exertion.

Golf takes physical effort, timing, coordination, and mental focus. There are competitions and rules.

Come play 2 rounds with me and tell me it's not a sport. I'll buy the beer.


pchoi95 t1_jdv66vr wrote

TIL I’m not bad at golf, I just need to exert less physical energy. Thanks, reddit! ❤️

Ssriously though, golf is probably one of the most technical sports I’ve ever tried learning. A professional’s swing is an amalgamation of their complete and precise control over every part of their body. Nothing but respect for them.

Edit: a word


Mangos_for_sale t1_jdv8n20 wrote

Well not entirely true. While golf carts are used primarily for golf, professionals dont actually use them in tournaments. So golf carts are more so just scooters for the lazy. Not that that's a bad thing.