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Phyr8642 t1_jee2ej9 wrote

In before the NRA starts trying to figure out how to get a glock into a womans uterus, so the fetus can protect itself.


Vordeo t1_jee7mzn wrote

They probably just try to shut down schools tbf. They seem to already be pushing home schooling.

No need to subsidize publuc schools + a less educated population + less people going to them lib universities? Easy choice.


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justadudebruh t1_jee482w wrote

I would sure hope teachers have arms! Though I suppose you could be an armless teacher. It’s just idk how you’d point or mark on the whiteboard… hmm


greensweep00 t1_jeeaop9 wrote

More likely a teacher will not pull the trigger and be sued. Someone who went into a pretty selfless career will be in jail because they didn't want to kill.


SirMoose14 t1_jee4xqz wrote

I think they will more likely pin it on the horrible liberal teacher agenda.


pondrthis t1_jee7k6m wrote

This is obviously the fault of critical race theory!