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ShaemusOdonnelly t1_jdzdzs6 wrote

That's just thermodynamics. Depending on your definition and level of pedanticism you could say that a heat pump cools the environment to heat your home, but there is a net heating if you sum up the change in both systems.


Gamebird8 t1_jdzirkq wrote

One of the beneficial bits about Heat Pumps is they don't release energy into heat, meaning their net heat output is equal to the inefficiency of the pump and fans.

Whereas something like a gas furnace has a net heat output equal to its electrical inefficiency plus it's fuel burn efficiency


FullOfStarships t1_jdzf582 wrote

Came here to say this, but you spoiled it. 😊

Shower Thoughts is for dumb shit that sounds cool (then makes you think), and you were doing perfect until "but". 🙁


total_alk t1_je17sae wrote

The first law of thermodynamics says that the best you can do is break even. The second law of thermodynamics says that you always lose.


andreasdagen OP t1_jdzalyp wrote

I can never tell, is the reminder friendly, or did I break a rule, automod feels very aggressive


MurderTron_9000 t1_jdzc24x wrote

It's just a reminder that goes in every single thread posted here, because this sub has the shittiest, most useless, annoying, garbage automoderator bot on this entire platform, and nobody listens to it anyway. You can tell if you read anything in this sub ever.

Every time you post, report it for harassment. I report it for harassment every time I see it, because it's shit. It's the mod nobody asked for.

Whoever made the bot for this sub should be thrown into the mother fucking brazen bull.


senond t1_jdzrrnb wrote

There is no cold, only different amounts of heat. Doing almost anything will result in heating


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lurflurf t1_jdzzwwq wrote

You can cool your house by shooting the heat into space. That cools the planet. That is not how most people cool their house, you could.


HarryHacker42 t1_je0u9ax wrote

If energy is expended, heat is going to be the result. We have both the creation of electricity or gathering of fuel, and then we have the use of the energy, both of which are releasing energy into the planet.

Like firewood warms you twice, once when you cut it, and once when you burn it.


andreasdagen OP t1_je1404u wrote

all my homies hate entropy


HarryHacker42 t1_je14fos wrote

In a few quadrillion years, we'll be glad we can heat our homes twice, as the heat death of the universe approaches.


masterofn0n3 t1_je0vgb9 wrote

It could if we all used heat sinks instead of natural gas, possibly. I dont know. Im not a science wizard.


alphaminus t1_je1t6r2 wrote

Get a heat pump. It'll definitely do less warming the planet and it will locally cool the outside as you warm your house. Unfortunately there's always heat created when work is done, but our current heating strategies are generally awful.


BarryZZZ t1_je2gaun wrote

My central heat is via natural gas, I most definitely heats the planet.


neutrino1911 t1_jdzz2p4 wrote

It does if you heat your house using AC instead of burning fuel


UnpopularCrayon t1_je00eh5 wrote

Only if your house is not located on the planet. The interior of your house is part of the planet.