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sammysnorlax t1_je5c8qu wrote

Gotta say, to me, this is one of the better ones I’ve come across on this sub


janissa_free2b t1_je5e2jm wrote



lazysheepdog716 t1_je6dgvl wrote

We need to start an official coalition to discover all the hidden navy colors.


ZeePirate t1_je62akp wrote

And it makes me uncomfortable how right it is


curiouscomp30 t1_je5oemd wrote

Does that make Mustard navy yellow?

Forest green is navy green?

Burn orange is navy orange?


wombey12 t1_je5ps5i wrote

Purple is navy pink?


Aaditech01 t1_je5rv7q wrote

Charcoal is navy black


Dark_Meme111110 t1_je5xn21 wrote

More like navy gray


Aaditech01 t1_je6ltks wrote

How is charcoal gray? Thats the ash


Dark_Meme111110 t1_je6n9tf wrote

I mean, navy (color) seems to mean extremely dark, and black is the darkest possible color (000, 000, 000), so I’d guess you see my point.


bl20194646 t1_je6abc8 wrote

forest green is actually called olive drab (OD) which is also know as Army green


curiouscomp30 t1_je6e34q wrote

When I google olive drab, the color I’m shown is definitely not forest green.

Edit: google shows me 3 different erent colors for all 3 of those terms.


bl20194646 t1_je6ff7m wrote

yeah i guess they are all different shades, i think it would be funny if navy and army green were the dark versions of their respective colors


maester_t t1_je6de4a wrote

All good questions. And you took this in a different direction than my mind went: There is a "Navy blue" and even a "Marine blue", but is there an Army blue? Is there an Air Force blue?


curiouscomp30 t1_je6drke wrote

Only one of those I can answer is Air Force blue is sky blue.


GeorgieWashington t1_je6cpkh wrote

  • “Colonel Mustard” would imply that it’s Army Yellow.

  • Army green is what you’re looking for.

  • “red sky at night sailors delight” is older than the name of the color orange, so yeah Navy Orange makes sense.


OutrageousStrength91 t1_je5lx6p wrote

A ship with a cargo of red paint crashed into a ship with a cargo of purple paint. The crews of both ships were marooned.


tleevz1 t1_je5q8f8 wrote

Yeah...yeah it is. I'm glad I was sitting down when I read that, wow.


whalewatcher2000 t1_je5ubyz wrote

I want some of whatever OP’s smoking! These are the thoughts I’m here for 🧐


HiveMynd148 t1_je627ij wrote

If I recall correctly, Navy Blue is called Navy Blue because It is similar to the colour of the deep sea.

This implies the existence of Red colored Oceans and I find it unsettling.


PapaGatyr t1_je67t9l wrote

Never seen a proper sunset on the beach with a horizon full of pollution, have you?

Red sky, red sea. It was genuinely beautiful.


AtomicSquid t1_je6fprj wrote

I always thought it was because it's the color of the uniforms of people in the navy, similar to how "army green" would refer to a specific shade of green


freebhase t1_je5tdsf wrote

i said this the other day! and forrest green is maroon/navy green


tecvoid t1_je6euic wrote

im just going to start calling all dark versions of colors "Navy"

seems like a good conversation starter.


Green_Evening t1_je6knq6 wrote

Navy Blue is called such, not because of its darkness, but because that was the shade of blue used by the British Royal Navy uniforms. The "Navy" refers to its use by that branch of the military.

If the army used a similarly dark red, then you could argue it's "Navy Red" but instead they wore a brighter scarlet.

So I would argue that bright red is the real "Navy Red".


rabbitkingdom t1_je6ccag wrote

Colors typically used in the military have similarities? No way! /s

So olive drab is navy green

Khaki tan is navy beige

Gunmetal is navy grey


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Xralius t1_je63gjm wrote

I love red but hate maroon. Its like a bastardization that masquerades as red but has none of the good qualities of the color. Fuck you maroon.


PomegranateIll7303 t1_je6krt9 wrote

Thank for for giving me some rational for hating it. I always hated FSU so as a kid it was fuck maroon that’s for criminoles


ICanDieRightNowPlz t1_je6b7xd wrote

Navy beans, navy beans, Meatloaf sandwich



NowAlexYT t1_je6fxfo wrote

Well based on a google search i got every shade of red and even some green, but ye some of them do look like navy red. What would be navy green? Moss?