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curiouscomp30 t1_je5oemd wrote

Does that make Mustard navy yellow?

Forest green is navy green?

Burn orange is navy orange?


wombey12 t1_je5ps5i wrote

Purple is navy pink?


Aaditech01 t1_je5rv7q wrote

Charcoal is navy black


Dark_Meme111110 t1_je5xn21 wrote

More like navy gray


Aaditech01 t1_je6ltks wrote

How is charcoal gray? Thats the ash


Dark_Meme111110 t1_je6n9tf wrote

I mean, navy (color) seems to mean extremely dark, and black is the darkest possible color (000, 000, 000), so I’d guess you see my point.


bl20194646 t1_je6abc8 wrote

forest green is actually called olive drab (OD) which is also know as Army green


curiouscomp30 t1_je6e34q wrote

When I google olive drab, the color I’m shown is definitely not forest green.

Edit: google shows me 3 different erent colors for all 3 of those terms.


bl20194646 t1_je6ff7m wrote

yeah i guess they are all different shades, i think it would be funny if navy and army green were the dark versions of their respective colors


maester_t t1_je6de4a wrote

All good questions. And you took this in a different direction than my mind went: There is a "Navy blue" and even a "Marine blue", but is there an Army blue? Is there an Air Force blue?


curiouscomp30 t1_je6drke wrote

Only one of those I can answer is Air Force blue is sky blue.


GeorgieWashington t1_je6cpkh wrote

  • “Colonel Mustard” would imply that it’s Army Yellow.

  • Army green is what you’re looking for.

  • “red sky at night sailors delight” is older than the name of the color orange, so yeah Navy Orange makes sense.