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TimeTravelMishap t1_jedvja7 wrote

When I was a little kid I used to aim for this all the time and i really am not sure why? I would see people taking photos and I would try to time it so I casually walked behind them when he counted down.


somethingisaskew t1_jedvz9o wrote

I feel like photo bombing and crop dusting could be combined for the perfect childhood boy mischief activity.


damone78 t1_jefx9qe wrote

Don't forget to yawn before the crop dust.


JayWir3d t1_jeegq4f wrote

I mean, to this day I still go "Oh, a cameraman reporting the news! Would be a shame if I didn't inconspicuously walk past..."


spitfiiree t1_jef3n80 wrote

I would do this too at amusement parks but I would just stand there and smile or pretend I’m laughing at a joke


LETS_MAKE_IT_AWKWARD t1_jefbuxk wrote

Whenever I’m in public and I notice someone in front of me taking a selfie, I will stare straight into the camera and smile. A nice little easter egg for them to discover later.


SSBeavo t1_jefen1b wrote

Any time a stranger asks me to take a photo of them I flip their camera and take a weird photo of my face first without them noticing. I hand the camera back, say you’re welcome, and walk away before they have time to realize it. This is my thing. I always wonder what they think when they discover I left them a strange photo of my face. I probably did this 20 times when I lasted visited Europe.


Independent_Cap_8984 t1_jef8r0m wrote

I did this all the time as well. I can't imagine how many photos I have been in because of this.