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Sigmarsson137 t1_jedznvt wrote

I mean I don’t see how it would give one in advantage in survival or reproduction


AxialGem t1_jee1uvh wrote

Even if it would, of course that still doesn't mean it has to evolve. I'm sure there are plenty of plants that would be helped out greatly by the ability to quickly retract into the ground when being eaten. But the fact that you can think of a possible possible helpful feature, doesn't mean that evolution has to arrive there


Sigmarsson137 t1_jee22ba wrote

Of course, just wanted to point out that there’s little incentive to evolve in that direction either


AxialGem t1_jee2bwz wrote

Yea definitely! Besides, afaik the function of dreams, if there is any, isn't exactly known at the moment, so it's difficult to speculate on top of to begin with lol


one_more_black_guy t1_jee5mgr wrote

Some people can, to a certain extent.

Look up lucid dreaming, and the ways people have discovered to try to trigger it, and control it.


LSD4Breakfast21 t1_jee9dia wrote

I’ve actually had a lucid dream and was able to brainstorm ideas. I’ve heard of people Using lucid dreams to even practice important speeches coming up. I don’t think it’s fair to say we can’t control dreams. I certainly have but not daily no.


potatoyeeze t1_jefqjvj wrote

I view myself as a semi-lucid dreamer. I kinda made the term up in my head (may be a real thing who knows)

But without fail I know when I’m dreaming, and I can wake myself up from that dream. It’s weird, I feel like my eyes are as heavy as bricks. Even though I am “seeing” in my dream I can tell my eyes are closed. I just try really hard to open my eyes and then snap! I’m out of the dream.

I’ve definitely tried to control stuff when I realize I’m dreaming but I haven’t yet


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Prof_ThrowAway_69 t1_jee59l6 wrote

Maybe you can’t. Look into lucid dreaming. It’s not 100% control necessarily, but you can have some control. It’s not something that you can just do inherently though either. It takes a lot of practice.

It’s one thing from Inception that’s mildly accurate. You can control your dreams, not like they can but it’s doable. Instead of a hostile mob chasing you if you’re a stranger, if you can gain control and try to change too much or change something too drastically, you’ll wake up.

An easy way I’ve found is trying to fly. Typically you want to hard wire into your brain “this is the start flying action” and it can come more naturally in dreams. I can’t make myself fly 100% of the time, but I can get it done fairly consistently. My current thing I’m working on is learning to inject specific things or at least go back to previous dreams.


fedexmess t1_jeelhpd wrote

I've had a few lucid dreams but they don't last long unfortunately. What's weird is that the moment I'm conscious in a dream, all activity stops and I'm alone wherever I'm at. I can fly but only get so far off the ground.


sr_sedna t1_jeex5gw wrote

We can't control our heartbeat either but that's a good thing. Possibly it's also for the better that we don't control most dreams because they have a function in helping our psychological stability.


potatoyeeze t1_jefq96a wrote

Lucid dreaming is a thing and there are indeed people who can control it to a degree


Bumbleclat t1_jee2mpn wrote

I'm 48 and I had a nightmare last night. First one in many, many years


JIN_DIANA_PWNS t1_jeejlo7 wrote

Buddhist monks train themselves to lucid dream (not to fly and fuck) so they can use the time to meditate more. I always wondered if some of them at least secretly do huge lines and party on the REMlow? I mean, who’d know? How would that exposure go down?

Dude, you straight up dream partying, looks like?


potatoyeeze t1_jefqpxo wrote

Something tells me if I could lucid dream I would just wake up sticky every morning

Non stop orgies