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Yes_hes_that_guy t1_iuhf20d wrote

From what I’ve seen online, most see it as their time to shine rather than others cramping their style.


Bierbart12 t1_iuhh0jg wrote

Yeah, I don't get any other opportunity to do it without standing out too much, since those kinds of conventions haven't existed here for a long time


cruiserman_80 t1_iuhsgro wrote

The one night of the year where they not only get to feel accepted but can excel.

Yeah must be terrible.


SchrodingerMil t1_iuiuhqb wrote

As a cosplay enthusiast, Halloween is cool cause it’s an excuse to cosplay around without being weird, but there’s also a part of me that hates the holiday because a majority of costumes are so poorly put together.


photoguy423 t1_iuk2ys5 wrote

I've always had the view of "if I can tell who you are, it's a successful costume." Doesn't matter how bad it might look. If they're indentifiable, they win. It's the mashup costumes that sometimes throwme.

Not everyone has the skills and tools to do amazing costumes. I'm not going to be the one to shit on someone who's learning to do something and potentially stop their creative adventures.


SchrodingerMil t1_iuk3or5 wrote

Nah, negative reinforcement. Your costume is trash. Be better and prove me wrong


WGDAST2 t1_iuj9gu9 wrote

You're so poorly put together

Rule 9.


Scaith71 t1_iuheoja wrote

I'm in to living history, sometimes known as reenacting. Cosplay for history buffs basically. The costumed party and walking around the streets stuff of halloween isn't that big here in Australia. It's growing in popularity, I think because of so much American media featuring it and it looks fun. The cosplayers I know, have mostly no objection to it and many will participate. We love to have opportunities to show off our work. So for many cosplayers, halloween would be a very big night in their costuming calendars, so I suspect that for many the opposite of your shower thought would be true.


PutAForkInHim t1_iuhrnsl wrote

I think Cosplay got invented by hardcore Halloween people wanting to go year-round.


bigedthebad t1_iui1sv0 wrote

Are you kidding me, it’s the one day a year they aren’t weird.


csanner t1_iuivn52 wrote

So, Halloween-loving cosplayer here, dating a Halloween loving cosplayer. We both have similar difficulties. Halloween is not a great day for elaborate costumes. Need to keep things mobile, flexible, something you can wear without needing a handler or repair kit.

You often need to "step down" for Halloween. And a lot of what my partner wears for cosplay would be instantly understood at a con, but unrecognizable at a Halloween party.

So it's still exciting but often you have to wildly change your parameters.

Also, to those of you saying it's the one day we're not weird, seriously? There's no day we're not weird.


poplardem t1_iujtn1i wrote

You also have to be more careful in crowds or at events. At conventions, people tend to be respectful towards an elaborate costume because it is viewed like art. They ask permission to touch props or take photos and give a bit of space if the person is trying to walk around.

On Halloween, that is gone. People are significantly more likely to run into you, touch you/your props with sticky hands, or be intentionally rough "as a prank." Stepping down to simpler costumes is a must.


MrSnowden t1_iui7klj wrote

I asked my goth adjacent kid what do all the goth kids do for Halloween. Just “stock up” they said.


Br00klynShadow t1_iuicpns wrote

Wouldnt it be the exact opposite? Its a time where everyone is doing it, thats great!


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balrus-balrogwalrus t1_iuhv0t5 wrote

at least you get to go as a zombie magical girl rather than a usual magical girl


nonexistent_acount t1_iui7moz wrote

my sister got exited when she saw people also cosplaying at the treat or tricking


TheCyrcus t1_iuitmjk wrote


It’s the one time of year they can go out in public without feeling out of place.


any_name_today t1_iuivqy3 wrote

Ha! My child is four and I've already trained her to join into group costumes with me for Halloween! I make her durable cosplays for Halloween and she wears the crap out of them. She very strategically picks the costumes for the whole family now


_Ferret_War_Dance_ t1_iujdehf wrote

It was the best day of the year when I was a cosplayer. Finally my clothing preference was ACCEPTABLE AND ENCOURAGED.


TCGHexenwahn t1_iujfvcr wrote

LARPer here, not quite the same, but it's actually the opposite for me. It's my day to wear my kit and show it proudly to those who know nothing about LARP. And when you have a nice kit, you get a lot of compliments on Halloween.


RotenTumato t1_iujtds8 wrote

It’s awesome. Everyone gets in on our hobby and we always have the best costume at the party


HoBoJoe71 t1_iujtyu4 wrote

From what i know its those cosplayers that love Halloween because they can go all out without looks from people


chechecherrybomb t1_iujynp2 wrote

It really is lol Just went to a convention this weekend where my daughter wore a costume all day. Today we went to a haunted house and I asked her if she was going to dress up. She was like, "Nah."


TeaInTheMorning4929 t1_iuk2tg5 wrote

I would say the opposite is true. I don't really care for halloween since I don't like parties and am not into costumes. For cosplayers halloween is the perfect time to show off their costumes and gather with other like minded individuals.