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Mrtencalories t1_iuflhof wrote

If your mad at them your an entitled person. No one is obligated to tip you and honestly your responses paint you as an asshole who doesn’t deserve a tip. I’ve worked as a waiter, cashier and delivery person you have no one to blame except your boss and yourself.


koozy407 t1_iuflw4u wrote

Nah, not at all. It’s the entire system. And I don’t believe you worked as a waiter for long and have the view to be mad at your boss lol it’s the entire system


Cold_Ad7725 t1_iufoswh wrote

I agree. He couldnt handle being a waiter. No way


Cold_Ad7725 t1_iufolzg wrote

You’ve worked as a waiter, and your saying that we shouldn’t expect tips? That people aren’t obligated to tip? When your a waiter, or bartender and your hourly wage is so low, you don’t even get a check 90% of the time..I’m sorry, yes we do expect tips. We also expect people to tip if they are going to sit down at a table and be waited on. This is just decency really. The drive through, or Carry out is always available for these hillbillies as well. I’d be embarrassed if I wrote this comment.


OfCourseIKnowHim t1_iug05a5 wrote

According to the IRS, only two things define something as a tip: it is voluntarily given, and it is the sole property of the recipient. So, technically no one has to tip if they don’t want to. But we learn who you are pretty quick.


Cold_Ad7725 t1_iugyalw wrote

You didn’t really look this up did you? Wow. Yes. Obviously it’s voluntary, which is why I said “we expect” not it’s a law! We are all (well most of us) aware of this fact. I’m actually speechless. I nothing else to say.


OfCourseIKnowHim t1_iuhasvk wrote

I’ve been researching this stuff for about a decade, and I’ve worked in the food service industry since 2004.


wraith5 t1_iufrngf wrote

You know the tipped federal minimum wage is 2.13 an hour but you think it's the server's fault why again?