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littlebluefoxy t1_iufgbch wrote

I have, in fact, clenched so hard while sleeping that I have broken teeth. Sometimes brains are dumb.


soulsista04us OP t1_iufis5h wrote

Awww. I'm sorry about that. I hope the dental bill wasn't too bad.


sicname321 t1_iugjnih wrote



CoMMoN_EnEmY01 t1_iuhcpdl wrote

Dental also isn’t universal in Canada unfortunately, though I think we are actually currently in the early process of making it that way


AV196 t1_iuhrxfg wrote

Norway! Where you pay most of your income in tax and then have to pay private dental care!!!

Many Norwegians have bad teeth!


Snizl t1_iui545h wrote

Most countries dont have it included. I think Germany is one of the very few where its covered for children and partially covered for adults.


AV196 t1_iui6rko wrote

Exactly. So blaming America for not having it is ridiculous. At least in ‘murica people have high salaries and pay little tax.


ForceOfAHorse t1_iuhusdh wrote



sicname321 t1_iuhwtcy wrote



ForceOfAHorse t1_iuhxg3d wrote

I'm not familiar with systems outside of Earth, so can't tell you if covering dental under universal healthcare is something typical in 'osmos or not.


IllmanneredFlanders t1_iugzjrt wrote

There’s another interesting fact that certain dialects create stronger or weaker jaw muscles depending on the language itself and how many vowels they use


Critical_Bison7390 t1_iuh1m9w wrote

I did some quick searches and didn't found anything scientific bout this though I found a reddit post asking same question and comments refuting the claim


David_W_ t1_iugww80 wrote

Another member of the club checking in. I have a gold crown on #18 courtesy of cracking it right down the middle, presumably overnight. Also the only tooth I've had to have a root canal on... twice.


boxsterrox t1_iuhf397 wrote

Cracked lower second molars are ubiquitous. This scenario helped me put my daughters through college fixing them.


The_Undermind t1_iuj4gu2 wrote

Yup, same problem. I cracked all 2 of my crowns in my sleep clenching my teeth. Worst part is that whenever this happens im fully aware and feel it. I cant open my mouth, cant wake up, just a prisoner in my own body. All I remember is me panicking on the inside trying to unclench because it feels like ill shatter my teeth if i dont.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I also panic about loosing my tongue, cause if it were to be outside my mouth for whatever reason, id be missing a good chunk of it by now.


Loud-Audience9389 t1_iujd8l8 wrote

  • 1 for cracking teeth, 2 cracked clean in half, 2 with fractures forming. Sore jaw and headaches to boot

spikeballbaby t1_iuhjqrf wrote

Ditto… one $4000 bill later…. 😭😭😭


LLuerker t1_iuhux5c wrote

??? Must’ve been 4-5 teeth at least, or I hope for that amount. I live in US


spikeballbaby t1_iuhwvau wrote

Nah one tooth, just was without insurance at the time. Root canals and crowns are pricy. Also in the US.


LLuerker t1_iuhxcl3 wrote

I’m sorry to hear that, in 2019 I had a root canal and gold crown put in on a top molar. Cost about $700 for root canal and another $700 for the crown. I pay out of pocket too


spikeballbaby t1_iuhzezn wrote

I went with the porcelain/composite crown maybe that’s the price difference (+whatever cost is different between our docs)? I can def remember the root canal itself being like $2000ish though.


JoyfulExmo t1_iuibpgk wrote

Yeah I’m not sure we can congratulate the brain here. My jaw is permanently effed from clenching and I’ve been wearing a night guard for years. My teeth still hurt when I wake up.


Direct_Swimmer t1_iufmvpo wrote

Yes they definitely are. After getting dental seal i was still under anaesthetic and got told to clench my teeth. One broke


soulsista04us OP t1_iufnd4z wrote

I've had that happen as well. Don't tell me to bite down when you're not ready!! Lol


discharge_bender t1_iuhxds5 wrote

Recently had to get a root canal and they told me to bite down on this one thing to take an x ray I was so scared to bite to hard


Far-Two8659 t1_iufkpm6 wrote

Probably not "shatter" but definitely do damage. I have to wear a mouth guard because I was crushing my own teeth when I was stressed just by clenching my jaw. Now they have dimples in them.


soulsista04us OP t1_iufl5hf wrote

When it comes to teeth damage, what's the difference between crush and shatter?


Far-Two8659 t1_iufltnq wrote

I think of shattering like glass - the whole thing basically explodes in a moment. Crushing is slow.


jonsticles t1_iuhqh7m wrote

I also wear a mouth guard and still get really bad headaches from involuntary clenching.


LukXD99 t1_iuhbrcp wrote

Yep, they are. Never ever sneeze while holding something hard with your teeth.


Aiizimor t1_iughgcp wrote

No they very much are. In fact the same can be said about everything else. Our brain allows us to use 40% of our strengh. An olympic athlete can go up to 70%. Using 100% would just break whatever youre using so eh lets not do that


Scuka1 t1_iuhagqm wrote

I'm not sure about those percentages, but most people definitely don't utilize their muscles fully.

It's a well known fact that rookie weightlifter can get like 50% stronger in his first couple of weeks of lifting simply due to his brain learning how to put the muscles to good use.


carvedmuss8 t1_iuhh41y wrote

Yeah those percentages would never be backed up by any sources, total malarkey


Corrupted_G_nome t1_iujvjzv wrote

Im notsure about those figures but alpha and gamma brain patterns are at play.

Chimps can use all of their strength all the time (Gamma I think), however they never slow down and think like we do.

Whereas humans are almost always in Alpha brain mode. The opposite of other Apes. So when we switch modes we get the heroc stories of a mom lifting a car to save a trapped child and the like. Some feats of athleticism and strength are only attainable when the brain switches off those self preservation mechanisms.

I worked with small apes and they would frequently attack the leather gloves with such ferocity their teeth would fall out. They hardly seemed to notice if at all and certainly did not seem to care.


Aiizimor t1_iuhquq7 wrote

I dont remember the name of the study


Khaylain t1_iuhaiji wrote

People have probably come close to using 100% of their potential when adrenaline was coursing through their veins and they absolutely needed to go to the limit to save someone. There was a man who lifted a helicopter so they could pull a crushed person out from under it.


schwarzmalerin t1_iuhebbm wrote

Or the guy running from a dog jumping over a fence like an Olympic athlete. It's a powerful drug.


sharrrper t1_iug36ow wrote

Biting through a finger is only slightly more difficult than biting through a carrot but your brain won't let you chomp your own if you're aware at all.


simojako t1_iuhja0i wrote

How does this still come up? It's so far from the truth. If your finger bones were only as strong as a carrot you would break them every time you bumped into something, and small children would chew their fingers off.


[deleted] t1_iuhwx6g wrote

I too am dubious of this claim, but I'm not sure that your comparison is valid, since the bite force is concentrated to a small area, whereas bumps are typically distributed over a larger area. However, maybe this claim is valid if you bit on a joint, since joints aren't make of bone?


simojako t1_iui4gb1 wrote

Take a chunk of skin in your mouth and see how hard you actually have to bite to make it hurt, let alone draw blood. Takes quite a bit of force before you get through the entire skin.

If you really want to test, try to bite through a chicken wing bone, and see how much force that takes. And a chicken bone is less dense.


Corrupted_G_nome t1_iujvzno wrote

Yeah meat and bone is meat and bone. Chicken bones are more hollow and less dense so the conparison is slightly off. Anything you can damage on a plate with your teeth you could pull off IRL. A raw pork chop and human flesh are esentially tye same.

When the brain switches brainwaves we can access all of our strength. Ive worked with apes and they don't seem to really notice or care when they bite something so hard their teeth fall out. Not even enough to condition then to stop at a future interaction.


nyx__born t1_iugdn0h wrote

I highly doubt that. A carrot is plant matter, whereas a finger has sinew and bone that you'd have to get through and thats nowhere near as easy as a carrot


Scuka1 t1_iuhab7p wrote

Carrot? Not really.

Chicken wing would be a better comparison.


soulsista04us OP t1_iug4n6v wrote

There was that guy that had to cut off his arm in a hiking incident. They did the movie 127 Hours about him


Depthsinger t1_iufjdep wrote

Me: (tries)

Me: fk, I accidentally pushed my loose tooth back in


soulsista04us OP t1_iufjfpz wrote



Depthsinger t1_iufs32q wrote

I uhh had a loose tooth, then i kind a just tried to see if the post was true... ploop and the tooth is back into its original place, now it hurts and I cant get it to be loose again


ChaosRegency t1_iugrlj2 wrote

Loop a string around the tooth and tie the end of the string to a door handle. Stand at an arms distance from the open door and slam the door shut as hard as you can. MAGICK!!!


corodius t1_iuh9n1d wrote

Incase you were serious - please don't, this is such a bad idea


SixMint t1_iuhnhr4 wrote

Exactly! Just tie the tooth to a bullet and pull the trigger, much quicker.


Gooftwit t1_iuhqdfo wrote

Do it jackass style and tie it to the end of a ferrari


MrChickinMan t1_iuhvqsu wrote

nah, you gotta tie it to the iss then stand as still as you can. mach 25 baby


PsychoEngineer t1_iuhlv04 wrote

Until your brain doesn’t… my mother has broken several teeth from clenching at night, even with a night brace.


isaacangelo03 t1_iuhic67 wrote

That's why they used to make you bite down on a belt or wood during surgery


UltimateSpice t1_iuhk3bm wrote

I literally have a medical problem where my jaw spasms and clenches, my teeth have chipped so many times I can't even count, my left canine is barely a canine anymore.


Sinelas t1_iuh9q0z wrote

Remember that Kill Bill animated scene ? It was awful, and it's actually something that can happen when in extreme pain ...


boxsterrox t1_iuhezak wrote

Says the person who isn’t the dentist viewing cracked teeth every day.


GinjaNinja1027 t1_iuho246 wrote

Apparently this applies to your fingers too. Your jaw is strong enough to completely bite off your fingers, but your brain stops it.


monkeywithtwospoons t1_iuht0kd wrote

My most scary recurring nightmare involves my jaw getting stuck and when i release it, it shatters most of my teeth and the few that remain are left loose and just fall out while i talk.

Then i wake up with a full set of teeth like "OH THANK FUCK".


Corrupted_G_nome t1_iujw4y0 wrote

You may be grinding your teeth in your sleep. Its common to habe weird teeth dreams when griding. Mention the possibility to your dentist when you next visit.


Kahless01 t1_iuhubvi wrote

thats how all of your muscles work. your body has enough strength to break all of your bones. but your brain knows that and wont let your body do it. thats why crackhead strength is a thing. their brains dont have that self preservation thing going for them.


Corrupted_G_nome t1_iujwffh wrote

Animals get that trait for free which is why chimps appear stronger than people. In rare circumstances that brainwave is also accessable to humans. There are recorded instances of mothers lifting heavy objects like cars to save their children but were unable to repeat the act for reporters. In desperate enough times the pain sensors turn off and you can literally shatter yourself but have access to all your power.


CookieJarServant t1_iui7xyk wrote

In fact, they are strong enough to break your own jaw off. Your brain prevents that. And your teeth are stronger than regular bone.


HurricaneHarley13 t1_iuivrth wrote

I’ve actually chipped my teeth in my sleep from grinding them, so no


m23344444 t1_iuj9vvt wrote

I suffer from severe bruxism (clenching of teeth) and have indeed broken teeth and a filling from clenching so hard. I ended up getting botox injections in my masseters to stop it, worked really well.


IiASHLEYiI t1_iuje6y3 wrote

You are strong enough to put your hands in your mouth, rip your jaw down, and break it, but your brain has the self-preservation instinct to know not to do that.


mckillio t1_iujpy2e wrote

I've clenched hard enough in my sleep to dislocate the disk in my jaw. 0/10, do not recommend.


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faitheloo t1_iuhr3a3 wrote

I had a bad reaction to medicine that made my jaw clench, which I couldn’t control, and a few of my teeth are chipped from it 😬


lotionistic t1_iuhy1mh wrote

You don’t realize just how strong your jaws are until you try to break an m&m with your fingers. (Saw this statement on Reddit awhile back.)


andrewcassmusician t1_iuifkez wrote

Ow. This comments section makes my teeth hurt! I’ve clenched really hard and worried that I broke a little piece off one of my teeth, and I may have, but I could never find the evidence anywhere.


Pyzzeen t1_iuiogfp wrote

You're actually capable of biting on your finger like it were a carrot, your brain just stops it from happening. Your jaws are strong as hell.


SomeRetard-png t1_iuiukw9 wrote

Definitely, but my teeth are stronger than jaw breakers, so I think I’ll be fine.


PIatanoverdepinto t1_iuj9u5l wrote

Well if you on tramadol your brain will say ahh fuck it lets see what happens and you will crack teeth in your sleep


hypertyper85 t1_iujxs4p wrote

I feel like I've almost done it in my sleep, dentist has told me I deffo grind my teeth, I've no idea I'm doing it but have woke myself up where I've bashed my own teeth with my own teeth


AJammedNerfGun t1_iuho9si wrote

Once, when i was a child, i lost a tooth while eating some sort of hard food, and i just fucking bit down hard enough to reduce it to dust. Almost immediately i realized what happened, but it was already too late.


Siferra84 t1_iuffnk0 wrote

Put a piece or metal in your mouth and bite down really hard. Let us know if your brain stopped you. Cuase logically if it'll stop you one way it'll stop you another.


Swiss_James t1_iufm460 wrote

No thanks


MeerkatMan22 t1_iuhixl2 wrote

That doesn’t actually work the same way. You could definitely bite through a chicken bone if you tried hard enough, but that’s not the same as trying to bite through your finger, which you also can do


Corrupted_G_nome t1_iujwoxh wrote

It will. Pain responces will eventually stop you from reaching maximum force.

Be warned, other animals do not have such restrictions.