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Relevant-Rhubarb-849 t1_iu6po4q wrote

We acquire money for the sole purpose of giving it away sooner or later


kissmaryjane t1_iu7s9ym wrote

Yeah because the goverment forces us too, ever since they removed the gold standard . Think about it. they needed something they control that you need, so they can get you to do what they want. Boom, the US dollar. You go slave your life away at some dumb job to get that money so you can hand it to your landlord to have a roof over your head and you go exchange it for food to survive.

Further more, it applies outside our border too. Learn about the dollar milkshake theory.


Relevant-Rhubarb-849 t1_iu8uo1u wrote

So we should accumulate gold, never spend it, take it to afterlife?


Luchie-Luchie t1_iu92gx6 wrote

The Egyptians were doing it right. Why stop there? Kill your favorite servant so they can serve you in the afterlife as well!


Kcidobor t1_iu6tqxf wrote

I buy trash bags so all the trash is collected together and not likely to spill out in the street or yard when collection dumps it


Serious_Idea_867 t1_iu7f8b0 wrote

Yeah trash rolling all over in the bottom of the can sounds disturbing to say the least. Im glad we have them


Monkee-D t1_iu6qbr9 wrote

We buy them for convenience. I aint making 75 trips to the dumpster


Mikerockzee t1_iu7nuli wrote

You could just not use a bag in the trash can and dump the can at the end of the day.


luchajefe t1_iu8kqhy wrote

But then you have to wash out the can. Every time.


surfmoss t1_iu727av wrote

actually we buy them to hold our trash and to throw our trash away neatly


wildadragon t1_iu6ofqo wrote

And then repost this wildly reposted showerthought. How far back did you have to go to steal this gem


pissfucked t1_iu6ucki wrote

i mean, two people can have the same idea without having "reposted" it.... this is a very generic thought that pretty much everyone has had, i would say.


wildadragon t1_iu6usa6 wrote

Exactly suoer generic and everyones had it which violates rule 1.

Edit: Also it's been posted again aka reposted.


waffles-n-gravy t1_iu6pr4d wrote

Good point. Also did you know we buy trash bags just to throw them away?


MicrosoftContin t1_iu6skon wrote

Waiting for OP to say: I said trash bags not “garbage bags”.


nukenate1 OP t1_iu6tz3v wrote

I hadn’t realized that it was already posted


ProgradeGram t1_iu7sauz wrote

Using those plastic bags you put your groceries in as trash bags. 10/10


TipYourDishwasher t1_iu76nrh wrote

A few years ago I bought plain brown paper to wrap gifts because it was cheaper and more recyclable than wrapping paper. I told my family I don’t like the idea of buying something designed to be immediately thrown away. My brother said, “oh man. Wait until you learn about trash bags.”


luchajefe t1_iu8kt82 wrote

Your brother needs to read the definition of 'immediately'.


DroidScribe t1_iu7quuu wrote

You think that's messed up? Wait till you find out what we do to toilet paper.


kerochan88 t1_iu9l7mx wrote

I scrolled through the comments for this one right here. I was thinking the same thing. 🤣🤣


nospmiSca t1_iu718v6 wrote

I used to reuse bags from grocery stores for garbage but now that's bad for the environment, so I have to buy plastic to just use once for garbage.


Frankeex t1_iu8ix0d wrote

Not even close. The MAIN reason is to store other rubbish temporarily, then throw it all out. More and more of these posts are so incorrect trying to be all creative and smart.


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torbecire t1_iu74yq3 wrote

We eat food for the sole purpose to flush it down the toilet.


deceptivelyelevated t1_iu7i2j9 wrote

No. We don’t take garbage bags out of the box and throw them away. I generally fill them with trash. I think you don’t know what “sole purpose “ actually means


hjwood1986 t1_iu7k1o5 wrote

I generally fill mine with things I want transported from my home - but you do you


hawkwings t1_iu7tdr3 wrote

I buy trash bags, because cockroaches hate them. They are a difficult surface to climb on.


solarpropietor t1_iu7z4zr wrote

This is factually incorrect.

We buy trash bags. So that we can transport trash, from indoors to the large container outdoors in a much more convenient manner.


Dutch-Sculptor t1_iu8m8wl wrote

I buy them to keep my trash together which makes is a lot easier to throw my trash away and it makes sure that my bin doesn’t get dirty.


s4burf t1_iu94cs1 wrote

I used to use plastic bags from the supermarket, but those have been phased out where here.


Zalarien t1_iu95hy9 wrote

That's not its "sole purpose". We use them to hold stuff too, whether that's trash, bedsheets, or any other item I need to store. I don't know who's buying trash bags for the sole purpose of throwing them away.


jah05r t1_iu96q36 wrote

No we don’t. We buy them to hold the things we are throwing away.


Hedgehog_Wranglers t1_iu9b9xq wrote

Idk about you but I at least fill mine with trash first before throwing them away.


anon2282 t1_iu9ny4d wrote

The sole purpose is to effectively contain other stuff we are throwing away.


JadedTourist t1_iu777pl wrote

I can’t eye roll any harder.

Now do that Fiji water bottle and iced frappe cup you pound every day.