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NeroFMX t1_iu1izgu wrote

Yep I almost married and had kids with one. Now I have no interest in ever being in a relationship again. She made me deviate from what I was trying to do in life to do what she wanted, and now my life is all screwed up. Luckily I am still young at 33 and have plenty of time to figure it back out. Still will not be dating again or having kids.

The 2 previous girlfriends was definitely a better to loved and lost, since I am even still friends with them... but this recent one completely fucked me up.


FuzeJokester t1_iu1wrvf wrote

I was in the same boat. Spent 5 years with this chick and even asked for her hand in marriage. When I got out of hs I was gonna go to the navy to do nuclear engineering. I did not and stayed in Texas with her. Then she cheated on me. Then the one after that was way worse emotionally speaking but hey. I'm still standing and getting my shit back on track. I'm young as hell in my early 20's so I got plenty of time at least. Part of me wants to be like you and say fuck it stay single and enjoy myself. The other part wants someone else to share my life with. Hard times nowadays between wanting to be alone or with someone. I guess it's more so not wanting to risk having the same shit happen again like the past 2.

I will say we differ in the aspect of remaining friends. I don't keep my exes as friends. Never has worked out for the best for me. Then again I could just have extremely terrible taste in women. You've indirectly given me some shit to think about. Appreciate it Nero


NeroFMX t1_iu1xtc7 wrote

I didn't remain friends with the other ex's but we reconnected after many years. Actually ironically because the bad ex was posting terrible things about me on social media and knew those things couldn't possibly be true, and reached out to me to make sure I was safe. I was not safe lol.


Raagggeeee t1_iu296zg wrote

I wasn't as lucky as you. I married her and had kids. She convinced me to leave my 10 year career, cash out my 401k and said we were going to move to hawaii.

Shortly after my 401k hit the account, I found out she was cheating and she took the kids and half my 401k.

I'm 34, but I don't feel as lucky as you. haha


NeroFMX t1_iu29pqy wrote

Wow. Yep that's what she is doing to her current boyfriend. He is fucked and thinks everything is fine.


Amaranth_devil t1_iu1k10a wrote

I hear you on that, way too much wasted time on a person like that.


MrAnonymousTheThird t1_iu3s54q wrote

It's pretty fucked for the kids too being raised by a narcissist. I'm paying for it all right now.. you really dodged a bullet rocket there let me tell you.

Edit: had to emphasise the bullet you dodged..


Keeppforgetting t1_iu4ro4e wrote

Yeah I think that saying really depends on the quality of the love. Like you said the two first ones were actually good.


bfjt4yt877rjrh4yry t1_iu2dtj0 wrote

I bet she was hot as hell


NeroFMX t1_iu2f6ma wrote

She was alright. I fell in love with her kids and wanted them to have a good life more than anything. She told me all the time that I would not have been with her if she didn't have them and she was right.