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Solidus27 t1_itzk20c wrote

This is an incredibly confused statement. What about written text?


-TheDerpinator- t1_itztjmd wrote

That would be even slower as you would have to write it down before it reaches the other with the speed of light.


gkight t1_itzxz3i wrote

But it also takes time to move your hands to use sign language, so then it doesn't travel at the speed of light either


rcfox t1_itzzq07 wrote

You guys are conflating latency with throughput.


gkight t1_iu08np2 wrote

I'm just saying that if you're going to say that sign language travels at the speed of light then so does text, or hyroglyphics or whatever.

Writing down the text takes time, in exactly the same way as moving your hands to the correct position in sign language. But then the transfer of the information, once formulated, is at the speed of light.

So either they both travel at the speed if light or neither does, depending how you want to think about it. Either way the OP statement is false.