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Emu1981 t1_iy11v9w wrote

>but he won $1,000 twice in the three years I worked there

How much did he spend on tickets over those three years though?

My brother used to be a poker machine junky and would put thousands through them. He would always brag about how he won "$5000" here and "$1000" there but overall he would have been down by tens of thousands of dollars a year despite the wins. I used to go with him sometimes (usually to the Texas Hold'em tournaments and then play the pokies a bit afterwards because he didn't want to leave for a while afterwards) but I would just take like $40 with me to play with and continually buy beers to drink while playing. Despite lucky wins here and there (one time I came home drunk as a skunk with several hundred in gold coins in my pockets lol) I know that I would be down overall on the poker machines.


Maiyku t1_iy1pgwp wrote

He bought 1 ticket a day on his lunch.

He also won more than that while I was there, but I can only remember the $1,000 twice as we talked about it both times.