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datusernames t1_iyddj0m wrote

Google tells me the oldest living dog is 22, so it's a lot more people than that.


Echo127 t1_iydyu52 wrote

LMFAO, according to Wikipedia the 2 oldest (known) currently living dogs are named "Gino Hammerstrike Gilgamesh Wolf" and "Toby Keith". Both are Chihuahuas.


gaudymcfuckstick t1_iyeh553 wrote

Makes sense. Larger dogs tend to live shorter lives


CopprRegendt t1_iyer2jb wrote

those little yappers get pickled with hate and yap

our yorkie lived ... lemme think ... i was toddler when we got her and a sophmore in college when she died, so i guess 18-20ish years. She was basically fused with the carpet toward the end, like a fossil.


scrabapple t1_iyev6t7 wrote

Aww shit you are telling me I could be with my gremlin for 15 more years?


Throwaway_97534 t1_iyejute wrote

New title: There is no dog alive from before The Matrix was released.


lightknight7777 t1_iyds06e wrote

There is no known dog still alive from the 90s. That applies to literally every 90s dog movie.


DudesworthMannington t1_iyeko80 wrote

That's okay, 90's dogs taught us that All Dogs Go To Heaven.


lightknight7777 t1_iyem9sc wrote

And All 90's dogs already have...


MelodicReference2503 t1_iyep2vi wrote

I have never thought of it that way. Now I'm sad.


lightknight7777 t1_iyeqokz wrote

Hmm, does this help? Otters have little folds of skin under their arms that serve as pockets they keep their favorite rocks in. They will frequently exchange their favorite rocks with their partners and offspring. This is shockingly not a made up thing.


thatsnogood t1_iyeq1gk wrote

That movie is so fucked up. Why was this ever ok-ed to be a kids movie?


IrNinjaBob t1_iyeqlki wrote

One of the best movies ever. I wish they still made children’s movies that way. If the movie doesn’t scar you for life, what’s the point of even watching it? For more examples, see The Brave Little Toaster or Return to Oz.


alt-227 t1_iyeu6op wrote

In The Return to Oz is the grass dead, is the gold brown, and does the sky have claws?


MonkeyTesticleJuice t1_iyd3zfm wrote

Why do you make us suffer like this OP? We didn't ask for this knowledge :'(


Swiss_James t1_iydj6ry wrote

44 checking in. I remember when I outlasted my last dog.

Sweet, sweet day of victory.


Xen_Shin t1_iydn3pj wrote

What a terrible day to be able to read.


MonkeyTesticleJuice t1_iydsekx wrote

I mean, he's not wrong. Isn't the whole point of living a long life is to outlive everyone else? lol old age is sad.


Aki_The_Ghost t1_iyecvbz wrote

Yup. Especialy when you have to deal with younger poeple such as the two dudes who downvoted you for no visible reason


Inner_Art482 t1_iydcg16 wrote

Nope didn't see it happen , so it didn't happen. Every pup I saw is still out there wagging their tails. Huff. The audacity of some people. Lol


Michaelstrong94 t1_iyeh4te wrote

Anything I read about dogs and aging always takes me back to that writing prompt about dogs thinking we are eternal creatures, I'll dig it out for anyone lucky enough to not have read it yet....

Now I am old. The fur around my muzzle is grey and my joints ache when we walk together. Yet she remains unchanged, her hair still glossy, her skin still fresh, her step still sprightly. Time doesn’t touch her and yet I love her still #katzedecimal

For generations, he has guarded over my family. Since the days of my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather he has kept us safe. For so long we thought him immortal. But now I see differently, for just as my fur grows gray and my joints grow stiff, so too do his. He did not take in my children, but gave them away to his. I will be the last that he cares for. My only hope is that I am able to last until his final moments. The death of one of his kind is so rare. The ending of a life so long is such a tragedy. He has seen so much, he knows so much. I know he takes comfort in my presence. I only wish that I will be able to give him this comfort until the end #crazypenguin159


CopprRegendt t1_iyer8sk wrote

i think your coding didn't work out. it's u/[username]

looks liike you used the markdown for a headline


Michaelstrong94 t1_iyewomh wrote

They are usernames for Tumblr as far as I can tell, thanks anyway though


onelittleworld t1_iydxxz0 wrote

I was here before any of their mothers, too. So take that, bitches!


memyselfand12 t1_iyeauig wrote

My dog’s great grandfather lived to 26, and his grandfather is still alive at 20 something. Some dogs live a very long time.


SteveBored t1_iyey64i wrote

26 would literally be a world record?


memyselfand12 t1_iyezeki wrote

I don’t think the Google number is accurate. Even if it is, it probably refers to only currently living dogs for which their servers have data. We got 26 from the daughter of the person who bred and trained this dog, who herself bred and raised ours. The breed is McNab Shepherd if you’re interested. Of course it’s possible that we got the number wrong, but I find that unlikely. I just looked up the oldest ever dog and got a cattle dog named Bluey who lived to 29 years and 5 months. A quick search for average lifespan of this breed gives 13-15 years, but there’s a lot of variation within the breed and his particular family line apparently lives very long.


swissiws t1_iyeo0hg wrote

Turtles over 130 years old have been alive before every Man in the world


Dr_Panz t1_iyenprs wrote

So EVERY dog that existed when I was a kid are now dead .... Well THANK YOU FOR THAT THOUGHT FUCKER !


campy86 t1_iydzdlk wrote

Ah remember the pre-dog days of summer (and the rest of the year)?


tyleratx t1_iye2zi7 wrote

And people over a month old are older than every fly in the world.


destroyallcubes t1_iyenb0z wrote

The worst thing about dogs is how short of a life they have. It hurts so much to think about as dogs to me are like children. Its sad to know all of my past dogs are no longer alive. I do wish well treated dogs in happy homes could live normal life lengths like us humans.

Dogs having so little time do make me love them so much more!


I-Am-Disturbed t1_iyeo5dw wrote

We had a cockapoo that made it to almost 20 years old, Skittles was a good little dog…


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PeebleInYourShoe t1_iyer51q wrote

I had the idea to make a family guess who, and thought maybe it will be fun to make one with all the pets of the family so I began to list them... At some point I realized I was listing dead pets and concluded that this is not a good idea for a Christmas gift.


RPC3 t1_iyejofa wrote

When I watch older shows I think about how the dog on the show isn't with us anymore. I didn't even know that dog and I still miss them.


Darigone t1_iye9es2 wrote

You don't actually know that. Statistics have proven one thing to me. There are always outliers.