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memyselfand12 t1_iyeauig wrote

My dog’s great grandfather lived to 26, and his grandfather is still alive at 20 something. Some dogs live a very long time.


SteveBored t1_iyey64i wrote

26 would literally be a world record?


memyselfand12 t1_iyezeki wrote

I don’t think the Google number is accurate. Even if it is, it probably refers to only currently living dogs for which their servers have data. We got 26 from the daughter of the person who bred and trained this dog, who herself bred and raised ours. The breed is McNab Shepherd if you’re interested. Of course it’s possible that we got the number wrong, but I find that unlikely. I just looked up the oldest ever dog and got a cattle dog named Bluey who lived to 29 years and 5 months. A quick search for average lifespan of this breed gives 13-15 years, but there’s a lot of variation within the breed and his particular family line apparently lives very long.