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ahuffaPUFG t1_iy5by9m wrote

It happens way more than you would think. Auto erotic asphyxiation is the real killer of some of these celebrity “suicide”


KindaWrongContext t1_iy5pzyr wrote

A joke popped into my head - 3 guys go to a hospital, the receptionist is puzzled because they all have a hanging lower jaw. When asked for explanation, one guy says: "papew an pen ples!" After receiving a paper and a pencil he explains: "hello I'm Mark. I was at my mates b'day party when this one guy says if you put a lightbulb into your mouth and I tickle your butthole, your jaw will lock out. No way I said, never heard such bullshit. After arguing for a while I decided to prove him wrong. I inserted a lightbulb into my mouth, dropped my pants and let him tickle my butthole and what do you know! It really did disable my jaw. So I went to the birthday boy Alex to let him know that I had to leave and go to the hospital. Alex couldn't believe me and thought I was pranking him. Just to be sure I was not losing my mind and to prove him he agreed to try it out and now here we are. Alex is to my left. Third guy is our uber driver. When he saw us He didn't want to pick us up. After an explanation he started laughing hysterically in disbelief. He wouldn't drive us to the hospital until he tried it out too. Lightbulb into mouth and I tickled his butthole. Please help : - ) " the receptionist, unsure what to feel, shakes her head and takes the note to a doctor. 5 minutes pass and the receptionist returns to the 3 guys jaw ajar "jeh ples, fowwow me"

Now... I wonder if that's how people die to autoerotic asphyxiation?


RenewGD t1_iy6n7sk wrote

what the hell man i can't talk now thanks a lot


EaterOfFungus t1_iy6s6b3 wrote

i’m not developed enough to laugh at this


KindaWrongContext t1_iy7l2u0 wrote

Sry if I misunderstood but you need an explanation?

The joke is that nobody believed such ridiculous method would work and had to try it out themselves and in the end even the receptionist tried it with the doctor in another room.


funkychicken23 t1_iy6ssba wrote

That actually happened to my RA freshman year. We didn’t see him for a few days, someone reported a smell coming from the room, and they found him inside - died in the act. It was pretty fucked up.


lordofedging81 t1_iy6ttd4 wrote

Lead singer of INXS.

And actor David Carradine (Bill of "Kill Bill")