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shanemcoyle t1_ixn0a9h wrote

l say, that all seemed rather rehearsed. -Like they knew it was gonna happen.


Acrobatic-Secret374 t1_ixn1h4a wrote

Well... They have been hoping they would stumble across her corpse eventually... So they probably sang it to themselves to sleep at night.


GammaGoose85 t1_ixqt262 wrote

She's likely stumbled upon them rehearsing once or twice. That'd be awkward


GriffinFlash t1_ixnob8t wrote

Not just song, but fully choreographed dances and marches too. They even had a death certificate ready.


StrudelStrike t1_ixpdgl3 wrote

The death certificate was just a result of munchkin bureaucratic efficiency.


herrakonna t1_ixnrbl7 wrote

A song passed down fron generation to generation. Surely she wasn't the first wicked witch...


molly_the_mezzo t1_ixpigpd wrote

The lore of the movie is different and obviously less developed than the book series, but as far as we know she was the first witch of the east, following Ozma being deposed as an infant by either the wizard or the witches working in tandem, depending on who is telling the story and which point in the series you pay attention to. The books contradict each other extensively, but one of the more consistent versions has Ozma as either a fairy left behind by the fairy queen Lurline or a direct descendant of the same, so there wouldn't have been a witch ruling in the east until maybe 10-12 years before Dorothy got there.


herrakonna t1_ixpz1vp wrote

Nothing you replied invalidates the possibility that there could have been many prior wicked witches (regardless of the compass direction) from which a traditionally known song emerged (despite what may or may not have been in any of the books or movie). The song lyrics aren't explicitly about Ozma, or a wicked witch of the east, but are suitably applied for any wicked witch.


dog_guy12B t1_ixnxs9w wrote

Or do they all have a "hive mind" and it really was spur or the moment?


Tru-Queer t1_ixnukhx wrote

Kinda crazy how the Munchkins and all of Oz hoard the rainbow of colors and leave Dorothy and Kansas living in black and white.


Tradman86 t1_ixo9llu wrote

The wicked witch is dead. Okay, places everyone, just like we practiced.


DaitoAnonymous t1_ixo0b8n wrote

That pretty much goes for any musical. The characters already know the songs like they knew it was gonna happen


meeyeam t1_ixoflrs wrote

The Sharks and the Jets had some pretty impressive singing and choreography. It was almost as if their whole conflict was rehearsed!

But that's another story, on the West Side.


Grambles89 t1_ixp7vj2 wrote

Lol new headcanon, west side story is just friends "playing" gang wars. Like they would cops n robbers, cowboys n indians, etc.


ArrozConmigo t1_ixojxhs wrote

I'm starting to think maybe portions of the story have been exaggerated.

Slippers made out of rubies would be really impractical for a long trek. Maybe they were just red Yeezys.


mlance38 t1_ixpd7d1 wrote

I think in the book they were silver


bingwhip t1_ixrny7l wrote

They were pretty proud of color in the film. I wouldn't be shocked at all if they changed them just to make them pop in color.

checked: "Dorothy's magic slippers are silver; for the Technicolor movie, costumers created ruby red shoes to show up more vividly against the yellow-brick road."


phinbar t1_ixoz69s wrote

Like the characters seem to do for every song in every musical.


thetyler83 t1_ixoafej wrote

They're a collective like The Borg. One made everything up and everyone else knew what to do.


Fuhreeldoe t1_ixono7e wrote

No. No they did not. It's a musical. Songs in musicals come about serendipitously. No one practiced choreography just in case a young girl lands her house on the witch, nor did the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion each independently wrote a song about they would ask of the Wizard if they could that all just so happened to be identical in their melody.


dyreweald t1_ixpferk wrote

pfft suure. next you'll tell me that the cowardly lion wasn't actually played by a five hundred-pound jungle cat


Fuhreeldoe t1_ixs26s6 wrote

Well of course THAT'S true. But it's pretty obvious they just painted a tiger so they didn't have to pay a lion's premium. Use your head.


Clint-witicay t1_ixqn424 wrote

Just reminds me of the songs we all sung in grade school.

Row row row your boat gently up a tree, throw your teacher overboard, and listen to her scream.

Joy to the world the teachers dead, we bar b qued her head, don’t worry about the body, we flushed it down the potty, and around and a round it goes…


AdrianValistar t1_ixrrm3f wrote

Just like the oompa loompas somehow know how each of the kids are going to be taught a lesson.


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DryInitial9044 t1_ixpif2y wrote

Don't we all have songs in the chamber for the death of our enemies?


Ambitious_Dream_551 t1_ixpmamn wrote

Are we just not gonna talk about Lizzy's Ina box? The queen was dead for less than a week and they were changing it in stadiums


Spidernemesis t1_ixqhk11 wrote

True, but they've got nothing on the preparation the oompa loompas must have done to have a song for all those kids.


Anotherdmbgayguy t1_ixpbq6f wrote

I am very tired and misread this as the Oompa Loompas having a song about her death. I didn't remember her being in it, but they did sound very prepared.