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Amehvafan t1_iy88crr wrote

If someone gives me free food I don't care what I have to eat from as long as it's clean.
And what kind of people doesn't allow their dog on the couch?!


XxSoullessSpiritxX t1_iy8q0qx wrote

My parents.

You're looking for my parents. They refuse to even let the big one in the house because they never potty trained him. I feel so bad for him but I don't know what I can do.


Seikuo t1_iy8x1o6 wrote

"He's not potty trained - idk what i can do" 🤔


XxSoullessSpiritxX t1_iy978rl wrote

Even if he was, they wouldn't let him in anyway. Him not being potty trained is just their excuse so it doesn't seem like they're being cruel.


StefanPerica t1_iy8u9j9 wrote

People that don't want their dogs to ruin their furniture. You vacuum your furniture daily or is it just dirty from the dogs? Fur, saliva etc.


ThisIsNotASpiceDream t1_iy8xgkr wrote

If you care that much about the furniture, dogs are not for you.


StefanPerica t1_iy9f772 wrote

Yet for the first time in 22years i live without a dog xD


StefanPerica t1_iy9fo0q wrote

In my last home, all of my family members including our dogs had their own bed. Why should they be on the couch?


slackmandu t1_iy93wm0 wrote

Then don't have visitors as well.

I don't want to come home covered in dog fur


shmip t1_iy8wutl wrote

dog owners vs dog lovers


The_Unreliable_94 t1_iy901fx wrote

>And what kind of people doesn't allow their dog on the couch?!


My 7 month old pup that I got from a family a couple of days ago has been sleeping in my bed since I brought him home and chills on the sofa when I'm at home.

He absolutely doesn't like strangers, but settled down in the car after a few minutes and then quickly chilled out when I got him home and found something he liked to play with.