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rjwut t1_iy3zz7n wrote

Lower temperatures slightly increase the battery's internal resistance, pushing it just past the low power alarm threshold.


EvilRedRobot t1_iy44v1l wrote

Thank you. This mystery has haunted me for years! To solve it, I will now place a small candle on the floor under the alarm every night so I can rest with peace of mind.


Nimelennar t1_iy4js68 wrote

That's a waste of energy.

Me, I'm going to pack around it with some insulation so that it isn't exposed to the cold air of the house.


Kat121 t1_iy4gusw wrote

Transistor gain absolutely decreases with temperature.


Dopeydcare1 t1_iy58gv8 wrote

Yup. I figured this out when I dropped a phone in the pool long ago and I dried it out, it worked, but every single time the temp dropped below 45 (SoCal, so not too often) when I was outside, my phone batter would drop from whatever it’s at to 1%


THE_GR8_MIKE t1_iy58aqu wrote

How cold do you let your place get at night?


rjwut t1_iy6s5ai wrote

It doesn't have to get very cold; only slightly colder than during the day.


rjwut t1_iy54fpx wrote

Corrected a mistake in my original comment: I accidentally wrote that resistance was decreased instead of increased.


thephantom1492 t1_iy5woov wrote

DUH! of course! . . . Why didn't I tought about that before?

And it explain also why in winter too, we set the heating at 18°C at night and 21°C during the day, but the ceiling itself being the attic is most likelly quite colder (the insulation is trash, I need to redo it, maybe this spring?)


hummingbird4289 t1_iy4x9xp wrote

This once happened to me AT AN AIRBNB. No one knew where the smoke detector was, and when it was finally found, it was at the top of a high-ceilinged stairwell out of everyone's reach.

Long story short, we ended up smashing it with a broom handle to make it shut up and emailing the owner to explain. Hopefully the replacement was installed somewhere more accessible...


Violet351 t1_iy4n4ma wrote

Mine don’t have batteries but you have made me wonder what happens if there’s a power cut


KamovInOnUp t1_iy5bgxn wrote

They don't go off.

I'm pretty sure all new builds (at least in my area) are required to have either shared battery backups (battery + hardwire) or a 10-year sealed battery


Violet351 t1_iy5jix5 wrote

My house is 130 years old but I had them put in when the electrics had to be replaced a few years ago


kvlr954 t1_iy5imte wrote

I used to walk my dog around the neighborhood and there was a house a few blocks over with a beeping smoke detector … for months! Idk how they lived like that, but every time I walked past I could still hear it.


RoVeR199809 t1_iy5l6jf wrote

If it is older people living there they may not have been able to hear the beeping


kvlr954 t1_iy5lp57 wrote

Nah, the only people I ever saw coming out of there were teenagers and middle aged parents


Restless_Wonderer t1_iy5pnfy wrote

What about the YouTube channels where you hear the beep for months, lol


Zaiya53 t1_iy60sxg wrote

I did a job at this super huge house (2000s, idk exactly). Four stories. I had to be on each story four 20-30 minutes & EVERY smoke detector was beeping. This family had lived there for a while, the house had that lived in feel they had kids running around toys all over. I even made mention to the beeps "Sounds like you guys need some batteries huh! Hehe" She gave me a "🤨🤨🤨" then said "Okay I'll be upstairs if you need anything:)" Like her look to me didn't say she thought I was rude, but that she was completely dumbfounded by why I would say such an off the wall remark. It was so weird ...


theepi_pillodu t1_iy5b49u wrote

When you replace the batteries, replace during midnight, so the battery will go out during the day..!


KBeazy_30 t1_iy5dvhw wrote

Because the batteries last on exactly a cycle divisible by 24 hours? Source?


theepi_pillodu t1_iy5elf2 wrote

Well, my smoke detector batteries died during the day, so, OP's statement is not a blanket statement right?

Anyway, let me ask you this, do you change the battery during the 3am time or wait until morning?


eloel- t1_iy5p5do wrote

I definitely remove them at 3am, who knows if I'm putting new ones in at 3am or 9am.


chickpeaze t1_iy5cnv6 wrote

In my part of the world it's not the battery, they just go off when the humidity is over 85%.


Laserdollarz t1_iy5t0h4 wrote

Untrue. My smoke detector died at 7am on my day off last week.


Sonyguyus t1_iy5pktc wrote

And there’s those people that tune it out and make videos with it beeping in the background like they don’t hear it.


1upin OP t1_iy6c14s wrote

Those people must not be human because I cannot comprehend how that is possible. 😫


Sonyguyus t1_iy6dg07 wrote

I install fire alarms for a living and to hear that in videos drives me up the wall.


lachlanhunt t1_iy5nuvt wrote

Replace your smoke detector with a modern one that has a non-removable lithium battery that lasts 10 years. Then it becomes a very infrequent problem.


1upin OP t1_iy5odlo wrote

I rent


lachlanhunt t1_iy5p1bh wrote

Ask your landlord. Check the expiry date or manufacture date on the smoke detector. They don’t last forever and need to be replaced about every 10 years anyway, so if it’s old, you might have a case.


TheDeadlySquid t1_iy5ub2b wrote

Those are also the hours in which your dog will vomit on the carpet.


1upin OP t1_iy6bwd6 wrote

Yes! Or cats and hairballs!!


ConfusedInTN t1_iy5w4dh wrote

Had one die at around 5 am once. I panicked and called my dad to come before work so he could bring a ladder and battery. He brought three dead batteries. I have no car and no mental health to deal with that sound. After he left I got the kids up and out the door for school. Called apartment manager and they had no batteries after a few months before telling me they have to change them and not us. Then saying I had to. So had to Uber to CVS and buy batteries to change it. I cannot handle that sound and will do about anything to stop it.


series_hybrid t1_iy61o53 wrote

This is generally true, because batteries encounter greater internal resistance and voltage-drop...when they get cold.

During the day, heat rises, so that last gasp of life can hold on till the next cold cycle, at night...


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