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LegionsAssassin t1_iyemlml wrote

A reptile like creature of that size would have to have hollow bones, just like birds, in order to be able to fly. Well, because of this bird bones have such difficult time fossilizing that it almost never happens without some sort of extra factor playing a role. Also, the myth of dragons goes far back passed medieval times and spans almost every single major civilization around the world. So false.


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LegionsAssassin t1_iyeoul6 wrote

Well.. they did. The Greeks had this sorta stuff figured out before they knew that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe. But that doesn’t matter, I wasn’t talking about the people back then knowing that, I was talking about us here in the modern era knowing that.


Martipar t1_iyepfnn wrote

The Earth is the centre of the universe though, it's not the centre of the solar system as once thought. The universe expanded from all points equally and in all directions, from any perspective in the universe the centre is that point. You, me, anyone, the sun, the moon, whatever they are all the centre of the universe.


LegionsAssassin t1_iyeqi54 wrote

I can see where you’re coming from, but incorrect. What you mean is we are at the center of our Observable universe, but saying we are actually at the center of it means we are right where the Big Bang happened, and we know we are not.


LegionsAssassin t1_iyepe8b wrote

Plus if they didn’t understand physics, the trebuchet and catapult would have never existed.


Aki_The_Ghost t1_iyeqt4u wrote

There is an easy conter argument to what you're saying : flat earthers. Poeple are seriously believing that the earth is flat in an era where humans have literaly visited other planets. It's not because poeple have physics and scientific proofs that dragons didn't exist, that they all knew it didn't exist. Humans weren't a unified entity. They weren't an efficient intelligence that used every imediately aveilable information to make good conclusions. They were humans. Coming across such an enormous lizard-like "bone" could a 100% have caused the dragons' myth.


LegionsAssassin t1_iyers73 wrote

*counter. *people. *literally. *people (again). *immediately. *available. Also, I wouldn’t use flat earth believers to defend any argument you want to be taken seriously.


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SoloCongaLineChamp t1_iyemc78 wrote

My wife's theory, which I think is pretty good, is firewood. Burning logs get that look of glowing scales in the heart of the fire. Humanity, no matter where you're from, grew up gathered around open fires... considering nearly every culture dreamed up dragons of one sort or another the genesis would have to be something universal.


IllustriousProof4301 t1_iyepmsl wrote

or there were probably some dinos still alive and humans just hunted those "dragons" to extinction.