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drsillyus t1_iy67zxl wrote

You're cherry picking examples. Evolution isn't alway perfect, traits aren't passed on to everyone.

Every animal on the planet has been proven to have fear instincts for survival.

Cats who have literally never seen a snake, still fear snake like objects.

Infants instinctively know how to hold their breath and swim

Extreme phobias are learned. For sure, but that in no way negates the fact that, there are instinctual fears that have been passed on

In the past, humans were more likely to die from environmental factors, than other humans. 99% of ancient man's death, was via predator or disease.

Just look at common apes for the exact examples.

They war over territory and kill each other sure, but they die 99% from predators, insects or disease.

You really don't see how that is the main factor, not the random tribes.

Shit, for a lot of our evolution we were literally rodents. That stuff hasn't gone away.

Learn more about evolution please.

Those who avoided death, bred. That is all

Stop citing examples that are too recent for evolution.


PeeledCrepes t1_iy6d2ao wrote

Fear is an instictual behavior, fear of the unknown is evolution, fear of specifics is not.


drsillyus t1_iy6ifkq wrote

That's an opinion, not backed up by the evidence.

Evolution also selected for the following, in relation to spiders and other crawling insects.

Killing them, hiding behind those who kill them, staying in a group that deters insects, people who make fires, people who avoided all bugs and more.

Just becasue some people have no Innate fear of insects, does not mean that evolution has not selected for revulsion towards insects.

The fact that so much knowledge is available about how harmless most insects are medical treatment exists for nearly all bites, yet arachnaphobia does not go away, kind of shows you how persistent the fear is in some humans.

Just because you don't think it makes sense, doesn't mean evolution hasn't selected for it.

Many pointless things get passed on. Fear of the specific is a real evolution.

Why else would a cat, who has seen snake like toys, still recoil in fear over a fake snake behind them?

Because snakes fed on cats a lot.

Just like minor insect injuries killed countless millions of humans over the millenia


PeeledCrepes t1_iy6stkt wrote

Humans aren't social and use fire to repel insects... nor does being social or in a group stop an insect? Arachnaphobia doesn't go away cause people don't want bit? People are scared of bees where unless your allergic it does nothing, people are scared of ants for the same reason. Cats are scared of snakes because snakes are silent. Snakes feed on cats when possible considering a ton of snakes couldn't eat a full grown cat. I get what your saying it's just in practice, my kid isn't scared of spiders. I am almost not scared of spiders, is that because evolution? No I learned how to deal with spiders and stopped being scared (ironically same with bees, just don't bother them and they don't bother you)


drsillyus t1_iy6tlz8 wrote

You keep thinking evolituon is logical and follows exact death tolls

It doesn't. Learn more come back ffs. You're pretty much a kid or severely learning disabled to be this far off the point and this unable to grasp evolution