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foozballisdevil t1_j2dmbgz wrote

I use mine about a third of the time. I also use my instapot, stove, flat griddle, and sous vide. And I break my panini press out once every 3 months on average.

Give your balls a tug.


havokherr t1_j2do4qq wrote

Fuck you Shorsey!


Sunblast1andOnly t1_j2egv37 wrote

"Fuck you Riley, your mom keeps trying to slip a finger in my bum but I keep telling her I only let Jonesy's mom do that, ya fuckin' loser!"


MechanicalBengal t1_j2f03mm wrote

instapot can do sous vide.


foozballisdevil t1_j2f714f wrote

It can, but I had the sous vide first and was gifted the instapot a few years after. :)


My_New_Main t1_j2f4obh wrote

Every time I've tried instant pot recipes, I've fucked them up. It's a glorified rice cooker now :(


MechanicalBengal t1_j2flsl0 wrote

try making beef short ribs. fall-off-the bone tasty ribs in about 30 minutes using the pressure cooker function. no real recipe needed other than salt/pepper