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DecalArtist t1_j2e87r5 wrote

Correction, there's 2 types of air fryer owners, 1 those who have one but don't understand the glory of what they have, and 2 those who use it all the time.


barneysfarm t1_j2egyqn wrote

Lmao right? Who tf is the judge of using something to make food "too often"? Buddy, my body wants to eat every fucking day. I wouldn't do it this often if I didn't have to.


redghost4 t1_j2ettrf wrote

You eat every single day?

That's too often.


GidgetRuns t1_j2fb2kv wrote

I don’t have an air fryer but am confused as to why someone would think there’s a “too much”. I use my toaster and coffee maker every day - is that too much?