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foozballisdevil t1_j2dmbgz wrote

I use mine about a third of the time. I also use my instapot, stove, flat griddle, and sous vide. And I break my panini press out once every 3 months on average.

Give your balls a tug.


havokherr t1_j2do4qq wrote

Fuck you Shorsey!


Sunblast1andOnly t1_j2egv37 wrote

"Fuck you Riley, your mom keeps trying to slip a finger in my bum but I keep telling her I only let Jonesy's mom do that, ya fuckin' loser!"


MechanicalBengal t1_j2f03mm wrote

instapot can do sous vide.


foozballisdevil t1_j2f714f wrote

It can, but I had the sous vide first and was gifted the instapot a few years after. :)


My_New_Main t1_j2f4obh wrote

Every time I've tried instant pot recipes, I've fucked them up. It's a glorified rice cooker now :(


MechanicalBengal t1_j2flsl0 wrote

try making beef short ribs. fall-off-the bone tasty ribs in about 30 minutes using the pressure cooker function. no real recipe needed other than salt/pepper


havokherr t1_j2doe1w wrote

I use mine when it's too hot for the oven. April to October. Or if I have something that would be way better in it. Ex tater totts or some appetizer type food.


porcelainvacation t1_j2fan1e wrote

I cook outside in the summer. I have a grill, a 3 burner gas stove, and a pizza oven out there.


nightlyh t1_j2dziuw wrote

You forgot the third kind who comment on reddit posts saying how they dont fit either of those 2 criteria /s


Jopojussi t1_j2eqifs wrote

I switch between both of those, i might use it multiple times per day for some time, or i dont use it at all lol


Dzyu t1_j2f241t wrote

Yeah! We use ours once a month on average at most.


-Marshle t1_j2ezuyi wrote

Me who doesnt own an airfryer but still uses one (its owned by my mum)


DecalArtist t1_j2e87r5 wrote

Correction, there's 2 types of air fryer owners, 1 those who have one but don't understand the glory of what they have, and 2 those who use it all the time.


barneysfarm t1_j2egyqn wrote

Lmao right? Who tf is the judge of using something to make food "too often"? Buddy, my body wants to eat every fucking day. I wouldn't do it this often if I didn't have to.


redghost4 t1_j2ettrf wrote

You eat every single day?

That's too often.


GidgetRuns t1_j2fb2kv wrote

I don’t have an air fryer but am confused as to why someone would think there’s a “too much”. I use my toaster and coffee maker every day - is that too much?


Gordon_Explosion t1_j2ekhmf wrote

I think I use mine the exact right amount of times.

A wizard never uses his air fryer too seldom, or too frequently. He uses it exactly as he means to.


Lord_Botond t1_j2dswgc wrote

Can someone explain air fryers? I dont get it, it cooks stuff with hot air, it does the same thing as an oven. It is an oven


lowfreq33 t1_j2dwrpr wrote

It’s just a mini convection oven. Cooks food more evenly and uses less electricity than a full size oven. Very convenient if you’re just cooking for one or two people.


GlendaleActual t1_j2e9hzr wrote

Also, makes it real easy to shake em up during cooking!


jumpsteadeh t1_j2ef0bm wrote

The food or the dinner guests? For the latter, I usually leave out a ramekin of gochugaru and eat pinches of it during conversation.


LesbianCommander t1_j2ecs8l wrote

It's not anything special, it's just a convection oven. However, I do feel like it does better than a convection oven for airflow, at least mine does.

The most important thing if you want to compare it to a deep fryer though, you still need oil.

If you airfry something you want to deepfry without oil, it'll be terribly dry and starchy. You need to finish it with a spray of oil at the end. But it definitely uses less oil than deepfrying.


lupuscapabilis t1_j2ez0a6 wrote

Make chicken wings in the oven and then make them in an air fryer and you’ll understand.


Jkirek_ t1_j2f90b8 wrote

Ovens are great if you're cooking for a large family, they're less great when you're cooking for a few people, since it still uses the same amount of power either way. Having a small oven can be very useful instead.

I'd love it if they were renamed to tabletop convection ovens to accurately reflect that, but they remain useful either way


KesonaFyren t1_j2fi5u1 wrote

When you deep fry something, it gets extra crispy because submerging something in hot oil sucks out a lot of water very fast.

Air fryers emulate this effect by blowing hot air through the food, which removes more water faster than just baking it in an oven. Even a convection oven will not have the same effect-because of scale, fan speed, and the baking tray blocking half the air


Gcodelife t1_j2e38jh wrote

Well that article is a complete lie. According to them it works just as good as a deep fryer and does the same thing. Couldnt be more wrong, french fries in a air fryer are complete garbage.


minesaka t1_j2e7l3a wrote

It does do almost the same thing, minus all the oil.


SN0WFAKER t1_j2eew8r wrote

You have to coat the fries in a thin layer of oil.


ForceOfAHorse t1_j2ehkqg wrote

Yes, it's a small electric oven with fan. It's perfect when you just want to cook/reheat small amount of food.


interlopenz t1_j2fwmh7 wrote

They are a greasy plastic toaster oven with a fan that blows air over a heated coil inside a shitty draw, they get very dirty inside and out and are not really useful if you already have an oven or stove.

"Air friers" will be the Western version of the rice cooker when all you have is a 230V socket instead of a kitchen in your coffin apartment.

Swinging them around by the cord and smashing them against a wall is fun.


Gcodelife t1_j2e2vzv wrote

They are awful. We had an airfryer. Couldnt wait for that thing to break so I could have good french fries again.


MacAndRich t1_j2e6p2x wrote

I don't think you can compare a deep fryer to an air frier.

Taking French fries as an example:

Deep fry > air "fryer" > regular oven.

It's definitely more efficient than an oven for smaller portions and because it's a compact convection oven, it definitely does a better job at cooking evenly.

But no, it is NOT A DEEP FRYER. They call them air fryers so they sell better, its more catchy.


Able_Example_160 t1_j2f4uek wrote

so a deep fryer is better? why?


ApotheounX t1_j2f8kik wrote

Oil fryers (deep fryers) get food way crispier because it transfers heat better than air. Essentially, you want to cook the food before it dries out. Air fryers work by convection, which is just blowing hot air over the food, which works better than just sitting in a hot oven.


Caracasdogajo t1_j2f7qdm wrote

IMO the best use of an air fryer isn't cooking stuff, it is heating stuff up.

Left overs are 100x better after being air fried back to temp instead of microwave. Ovens take too long to be worth using just to heat something up.

You can also cook stuff like Corn dogs, pre cooked nuggets etc really fast and they taste just as good as oven heating.


interlopenz t1_j2fx4ln wrote

Regardless of the down votes you are right that they are terrible.


MilkMenace t1_j2eiivu wrote

There is a huge middle ground of people who have both air-fryers and something more interesting going on in their lives to talk about.


TheRomanRuler t1_j2dne6l wrote

So when i go trough periods of using it constantly to periods of not using it at all, i have been doing it wrong? But tbf that may be just my ADHD


nojustice73 t1_j2eczpa wrote


Cooks food better and faster than a standard oven.


Flowofinfo t1_j2ep0mm wrote

Ahhh I see that someone has noticed the other air fryer memes on Reddit today and would like to join the party


Lady_Dont_Tek_No t1_j2esk9i wrote

There is a third kind: those who buy it for their vegetarian wife and then proceed to cook massive amounts of meat in it.


ParryLimeade t1_j2eu79p wrote

I barely use mine as I’m not big of fried stuff. My boyfriend uses it daily though.


Cataspect t1_j2exvgk wrote

Type 2 here and also, I cant shut about how awesome it is, haha. God, I must be annoying to be around.


DaitoAnonymous t1_j2f2wil wrote

I have an air fryer and I use it for every from steak to chicken nuggets


huangjack27 t1_j2f3xlh wrote

And then there’s my kind of air fryer people, we bake with them. Yes you read it right BAKE. They turn out the same as an oven because it’s basically just a smaller oven.


potatocross t1_j2fspah wrote

Bought an over with a built in air fryer. Have never even bothered to figure out how to use it.


braydenmaine t1_j2fwrqp wrote

How can you use it "too much" ?

You can eat cooked food every day if you want. Air fryers cook food. It's just a small convection oven


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the_NL t1_j2efknh wrote

The third are the ones who wishes for one but don't have it or can't afford it


ShadowDV t1_j2fendc wrote

They are like $30 at Best Buy


the_NL t1_j2ff04p wrote

Mostly meant as a sarcastic joke. But good to know of the price, so thank you for the info mate 😁


Darkality24 t1_j2epfhq wrote

I go through phases. Use nothing but the air fryer for weeks, then get a hankering for soup and forget about it for a month.


ShortyBoo426 t1_j2eqcug wrote

We're on our 2nd air fryer. The first one was some brand I'd never heard of that I think my mom got off Amazon. It was decent, though, and we used it everyday for over a year until the handle on the basket broke. We got a Ninja Air Fryer earlier this year and I like it even better. Still gets used just about everyday. We only use the oven for frozen pizza.


minimoose1441 t1_j2eqq2z wrote

I use mine nearly every night, but only because our oven in our rental property is from the 80's and either burns or undercooks everything.


gohan9689 t1_j2evyp9 wrote

Is using it once or twice every other week the middle ground cause that where I'm at?


thisisredlitre t1_j2ewg4b wrote

I don't use it, though my partner does. We split cooking so it evens out.


DrummerSteve t1_j2ez82u wrote

Or three… those who used to never is it, then discovered it’s power, and use it all the time


rdhldn t1_j2f0oyu wrote

Proudly a use it too often. Oven days are long gone and my electricity bill shows


sofresh24 t1_j2f1m6d wrote

It’s funny because we’ve gone from the second person to the first person over the last couple months. I can’t remember the last time we used it and we used to use it almost daily.


Madmonkeman t1_j2f2mvf wrote

My family just got one for Christmas and it’s been used every day since and multiple times a day


SuperFox289 t1_j2f31mv wrote

I'm convinced most air fryer tiktok accounts are just adverts


macabresbones t1_j2f4ito wrote

Lol I think I genuinely might be the middle ground. I really only use for bread and chickpeas


tibbymat t1_j2f86wo wrote

I use mine once every 10 or so cooks.

I am the middle ground.


Md655321 t1_j2fbugw wrote

It works really well for a lot of stuff, why wouldn’t I use it often


imacmadman22 t1_j2fcopt wrote

We got an air fryer for Christmas from our kids, it’s still in the box. I’ve mentioned to my wife a few times we should open it and see how it goes and she just shrugged.

She then asked me when the bread machine was going to be fixed, the belt broke and I had to order a new belt for it. She’s a little crazy about my homemade bread, I think she’s more interested in that.


ShadowDV t1_j2ff5a1 wrote

Toss in pork tenderloin at 400 for 20 minutes. It’s excellent


SatanLifeProTips t1_j2fdvu2 wrote

The rest of just bought toaster ovens that have infrared heaters top and bottom. It works just as good but it’s also a convection toaster oven.


sonofthenation t1_j2fi1s0 wrote

You can never use your air fryer too much. We have kids and use it everyday, multiple times. It’s also great for toasting bread. We also have a small house and it winter so it pretty much heats our house. We actually have two.


MiliTerry t1_j2fk22o wrote

I forgot I even had one. I'm going to go buy some food this year to use it I guess


BackWaterBill t1_j2flzlv wrote

But have you heard about what I made last in my air fryer though?


Athomeacct t1_j2fmgu0 wrote

My sister got one and has put it up for sale after less than a year.

My wife got one this year and we've told none of our friends, but have used it in regular rotation with our other appliances, including an instapot.

I dunno OP, maybe it's just a present time of limited yet acceptable use cases


PM_meyourGradyWhite t1_j2fqdkk wrote

Also in this category: I have a brand new George Foreman Grill in the box in the bottom of the pantry. Ten years old.


notabigcitylawyer t1_j2frlwa wrote

I use it on weekends to make tatter tots for my breakfast burritos. That is about 99.5% of its use.


thehumblebaboon t1_j2frqsp wrote

I rotate between an air-fryer, a George Foreman grill, a convection oven, a microwave and a cast iron pretty evenly.

I am the definition of the middle ground.


thatguythatdied t1_j2fsq5w wrote

Ours comes out once a month or so, usually for chicken wings or fries.


jimmysprunt t1_j2ftqqt wrote

Is there a such thing as too often? I'm feeling singled out here.


DieselWins t1_j2fu167 wrote

There is middle ground. Me and my wife fight over who gets to balance on it.


okijhnub t1_j2fuqqm wrote

Lpt: air fryer your cold take home fries to make them taste fresh again


oO0-__-0Oo t1_j2fvky5 wrote

The only good kind of air fryer is one with a rotisserie in it.



chynabrack t1_j2fvtbu wrote

How much is "too often"? Everyday? Twice a day? Once a week? Until it explode?


HighLordTherix t1_j2fxin2 wrote

We've been using ours a fair amount since it's a good amount cheaper than the oven.


Able_Example_160 t1_j2f4jb1 wrote

i don’t get air fryers- what do you do with the oil afterwards??


duck1014 t1_j2fojcz wrote

Um, no oil in them. You use a little oil, yes, but not much.

There's no (or very little) oil when done.


Able_Example_160 t1_j2folor wrote

right, so what do you do with that very little oil? it builds up over time of course. oil can’t really be disposed of anywhere safely


duck1014 t1_j2fpguk wrote

It's a simple matter of washing it with soap. It doesn't build up.

Keep in mind we're talking about (quite literally) a few drops at the bottom, even if you're making french fries.

For example, when making fries (say 3-4 medium sized potatoes), you cut them up, soak in really cold water for 30-45 min), and completely dry them. Then add about 1-1.5 tablespoons of oil to the cut up potatoes. Then air fry (shaking the basket every 5 min or so) for 18-20 min.

When making fried chicken drumsticks, you coat the chicken and add no oil.


Throwawheyyeye t1_j2fm6k4 wrote

I’m the first one hahaha. Wanted one so bad just to not trust it due to me not fully understanding it’s just a mini oven. Doesn’t click in my brain and I’d rather cook how I usually do 🥲 I get very anxious about not being able to fully understand things and how and why they work the way they do.


brandonjohn5 t1_j2eh7lr wrote

I use mine for chicken nuggets like daily (have a 5 and 6 year old) I would feel like an awful parent giving my children microwaved nuggets, but I also don't have time to pre heat an oven and all that. Air fryer is the perfect middle ground for me.


alanbastard t1_j2foup6 wrote

I turned one down as a Xmas present. More junk I don’t need


noso2143 t1_j2frfgt wrote

ive used mine a few times but to be honest i still find it easier to just throw the oven on instead