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algoncyorrho OP t1_j2dk58b wrote

It's probably the most common scenario though. Consider that most bodies are embalmed and so their orifices are sealed shut with abundance of tampons/plugs and although there can be leaks , they will stay with the body and never see the light of day


foozballisdevil t1_j2dn5a5 wrote

My son pooped immediately after he passed. I cleaned him up before he went down to the morgue. You're not just wrong, you're stupid.

My former roommate is also now a mortician. She also says you're stupid.


Boobsiclese t1_j2dkozn wrote

When you die your muscles relax. You lose whatever you've been holding, so yes, your bowels empty when you die. If you're constipated at the time you probably retain some though.