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Etzlo t1_j2dj3i4 wrote

Lol, have you ever actually gone shopping with a woman or even looked at what clothes we have to pick from? Nothing has pockets, not even jeans and more lax pants, the only way to get pockets is buying mens clothes, which are cut like shit if you can even find some in your size, or cargo pants


pigeon888 t1_j2drgow wrote

Sounds like the first person to put pockets in women's clothes will be a billionaire.


Antisocialite99 t1_j2ds4p0 wrote

This is not true at all. Even women's leggings now have pockets. Outdoor brands like North face and patagucci make women's pants with pockets. They might just even have cargo pockets and not suit your sense of style.


Etzlo t1_j2du86t wrote

I'll definitely take a look, I haven't seen any in my local stores at least, so it's hard to know sometimes


Antisocialite99 t1_j2e1x0f wrote

Well this part of rhe problem... I've had this conversation before... there is the expectation of being able to find thenclothes you want in person in a brick and mortar shop so you can try them on.... that's not really our system any more. You can get whatever you want you just have to look online.