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tempodad t1_j2dk8uh wrote

but how? How could you just stop wearing pants?? And clothes?? I mean jeans aside, none of women’s clothing has pockets. We can’t just not wear clothes


Antisocialite99 t1_j2dsc5j wrote

I've seen women's pants with pockets. They exist.


tempodad t1_j2dsg7q wrote

I said that wrong- even with clothes that have pockets they are usually decoration and are barely big enough to fit your fingers inside of let alone put stuff inside


Antisocialite99 t1_j2du5c0 wrote

North face Patagonia etc all make women's pants with functional pockets might even be cargo pockets which might ruin your sense of style


TheMikman97 t1_j2dl977 wrote

How do you think this happened? One day all pants producers collectively said no pockets? No. It was done progressively, just like phones with no exchangeable battery, and now no charger. One company does it, backlash is not sufficient to harm sales, the practice gets normalized and other companies copy it

There is nothing that can be done now, but people could have acted when it was time if they cared enough


tempodad t1_j2dljsj wrote

Yes but they’re never going to make women’s pockets with jeans because of the purse industry. It profits way too much off of women not having pockets. And right now there is no big brand that has made that decision to add pockets so there’s no options. And you can’t just make your own company from nothing.


TheMikman97 t1_j2dlpd1 wrote

Yeah, some practices are almost irreversible once normalized.