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jbeeziemeezi t1_j26pkmx wrote

I watched jeopardy tonight live. I think a few million ppl were on the same time stamp.


Professional-Meal935 t1_j27nvj4 wrote

Gen Z kids am I right, they don’t even understand live tv!


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j2aatpu wrote

Dude... I'm in my late 30s... I thought the analytics and random chance of streamers around the world BY CHANCE watching the same thing is an interesting concept.


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29as8c wrote

I'm in my late 30s. This was literally one of those random questions that popped into my mind. Geeeez people


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29b1r7 wrote

I also watched jeopardy last night with my wife. It's so funny you all assume I'm Gen z.... I just had a random thought about streaming nowadays, its so funny how that touches such a nerve for people...


zvug t1_j29jz1z wrote

People are just messing around man, relax.


FetusDrive t1_j29i03g wrote

how did that touch a nerve to the person you are responding to?


libertyordeaaathh t1_j26d5p0 wrote

You mean like most of all of television for most humans on the planet?


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j26ymny wrote

I thought it would be pretty obvious to most people that I wasn't talking about live television... but I assumed too much


libertyordeaaathh t1_j26z9e3 wrote

You can’t assume things that are not in the thought. It is on the thought to set the terms under which we are to evaluate it. And it only counts what you include


Moola868 t1_j2a222u wrote

I’m pretty sure it was obvious to most people that you were referring to streaming, but considering live broadcast television fits exactly what you were describing and was the norm for almost the entire history of television, are you really surprised people are bringing it up?


ewaldc23 t1_j27uvis wrote

Bro these boomers be using cable still lol, I’m not ancient so I understand what you meant.


vid_23 t1_j282h2t wrote

Look look how cool I am for not using one of the most available entertainment form on the planet!


jaredliveson t1_j29aq8j wrote

Cable is NOT more available than streaming. Cable requires a home, installation, and a huge bill. Streaming requires an internet enabled device and a relatively small upfront cost. Cable is not more accessible equitable or available


bambrini16 t1_j29ev9m wrote

Most people have a home (though it’s not actually necessary- i’ll elaborate later) and most already have everything ready to go- just need the telly itself, some of which you can buy extremely cheap second-hand; way cheaper than you could ever get a computer that can cope with streaming for. Obviously there’s the TV licence which is expensive but just don’t pay it like a lot of people don’t and watch freeview. People who have to live in hotels (i.e. council placements) or shelters are much more likely to have access to a TV than a computer. I know lots of people who don’t have a computer/ wifi at home but not a single person that doesn’t have a telly. Obviously I’m speaking from the perspective of a developed country, though. I’m sure things are different in less developed countries and even in other developed countries.


jaredliveson t1_j2a831c wrote

I mean, those are fine points. But I’ve never lived in a place with free cable, not have I lived anywhere where getting tv was cheaper than basic internet. Also, devices don’t need to be suited for streaming. Pretty much all devices can. I was doing it on a flip phone when I was young. You do need sufficient internet access however.


SenorTron t1_j27ry79 wrote

Netflix says that in the first three weeks there were 150 million different households that streamed Wednesday.

There are 1,814,400 seconds in three weeks. If viewings were equally spread out (in reality they'd be more clumped) that means 83 households had to start watching each second, so there were definitely a bunch of people watching at the same time as others.


Brxek0 t1_j2a6z8p wrote



Double-Working1990 OP t1_j2ab1n2 wrote

Thank you guys!!! That's so interesting. This was the type of info I was looking for :) everyone else seems to want to make it a Gen z war when I'm not even Gen z lol thanks for actually giving me an answer!


poormansnormal t1_j26ce4v wrote

It's called broadcast programming, and it's been a thing since the mid-1930s.


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j26yt53 wrote

These comments are all so funny like you DIDNT know I wasn't talking about live TV? Hahaha why the hell would I ask that question? 😂


jensalik t1_j275auw wrote

Because it's 2022 and there are kids out there who never had live broadcast TV in their lives while being old enough to be on reddit and ask questions.


bambrini16 t1_j29fhad wrote

I’n confused by your comment and going by your upvoted it’s obviously my issue so ELIA5: if you exist at a time when you can go on reddit, it’s not possible for you to have lived and died before live broadcast TV was invented, no?


yofomojojo t1_j29liw4 wrote

They were referring to the current cord-cutting generation, I assume. Analogue broadcast TV went offline in America years ago so you'd only get TV if you paid for cable or some equivalent service. Plenty of people opted to just stick to streaming services and "cut the cord".


bambrini16 t1_j29m5af wrote

But they are aware of the concept even if they haven’t used it themselves, no?

I also had no idea that America didn’t have any freeview TV any more- that’s crazy! TIL


jensalik t1_j29roc6 wrote

It went offline in Europe too. But we got digital decoders that you pay only once.

Many kids today watch their shows on Netflix and most adults don't bother to get decoders. So many households never actually watch live broadcast anymore. The concept of looking up when a show is gonna be broadcast and tuning in at the right time is absolutely alien to a good portion of today's youth.


Shamino79 t1_j27vn9z wrote

The phrase “watch a show” originates from broadcast tv. If you said “stream a show” it would definitively be what you meant.


Calm-Ad-9867 t1_j28apok wrote

Lack of intelligence obviously.

Has stupid thought, gets pointed out, becomes arrogant.

You follow the bleuprint to the dot


bambrini16 t1_j29fq30 wrote

No, it’s quite clear what they meant. Everyone banging on about live TV (except for those who are obviously joking and teasing) is either being deliberately obtuse, pedantic, or just plain stupid


FetusDrive t1_j29ii6v wrote

he meant watch a show, if he meant "stream" then that would be "stream".

it could also be "has anyone ever said the same prayer at the exact same time!?"

"obviously I didn't mean reciting the same prayer in a church!"


bambrini16 t1_j29j6jp wrote

Don’t be ridiculous. Nobody says “I’ve been streaming X programme on Netflix”. You say “I’ve been watching X programme”. It was patently obvious that they meant a totally coincidental synchronisation


FetusDrive t1_j29jzvd wrote

But that wasn’t their shower thought, the shower thought was the one they wrote, not the one they meant to write


bambrini16 t1_j29k74f wrote

With all due respect, are you autistic or otherwise neurodivergent by any chance?


FetusDrive t1_j29kumn wrote

Don’t cut yourself with that edge, bro


bambrini16 t1_j29l24h wrote

How was that edgy?


FetusDrive t1_j29ld17 wrote

interesting question you just asked, do you by chance have a hard time understanding things? (p.s. I am being respectful when I ask this!)


bambrini16 t1_j29luxs wrote

I have a hard time understanding what’s edgy about trying to be mindful and respectful of others who maybe don’t process information the same as most people do


FetusDrive t1_j29maqf wrote

ok, and I am asking the same to you. Do you have a hard time understanding things unlike normies like me? I


bambrini16 t1_j29mkd6 wrote

But you never even answered? I’m guessing if you’re using a word like “normie” you’re probably not though and now I’m thinking you took the question as an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being neurodivergent- it’s not an insult


FetusDrive t1_j29o86n wrote

people call other people autistic as an insult. They also ask if the other person is autistic as an insult.

I understand very well what you meant.

You're not understanding that the OP is being called out because he worded his shower thought poorly.


bambrini16 t1_j29qeng wrote

Only if they think being autistic is a bad thing, which I don’t because I’m not unintelligent and immature. And I didn’t call you autistic- I politely asked if you were, or otherwise neurodivergent as autism is obviously not the only condition that can cause people to struggle to read between the lines and pick up on context and pragmatic clues, nor do all autistic people struggle with those things

Edit: and to clarify, I asked you so that I could be respectful if you were. If you were then I would understand better why you didn’t get what OP obviously meant to refer to. If you weren’t, then you’re just an idiot that lacks common sense


FetusDrive t1_j2ab9cu wrote

Oh I see; so you are either going to call someone an idiot and be rude or be understanding if they are autistic. You sure saved yourself there !


bambrini16 t1_j2am43a wrote

Well yeah- I’m not gonna say you lack common sense if you’ve got a good reason for not understanding


LongBoyNoodle t1_j289k3w wrote

It's your fault. That's how you wrote it. As i grew up me and all my friends did watch the new naruto episode every wednesday for example. Dont act like a brat in those comments. Older people still watch shows on live TV. And even when you talk about streaming services. GoT was watched AS SOON as it was out for years. Im sure that happend.


respectthegoat t1_j293056 wrote

You: Hey wouldn’t this common thing be crazy if it happened

Everyone: no it happens all the time

You: why does no one appreciate how deep I am


Pabst_Malone t1_j26jucg wrote

You mean cable or satellite tv? Wait till you find out about the radio.


Greatest_Turtler t1_j28f30y wrote

They meant streaming apparently, according to their comments


bambrini16 t1_j29g6re wrote

I mean, that much was obvious from the start. It’s surprising to me how many people in these comments apparently explicitly need the disclaimer that OP was not talking about live TV. I know there are stupid people, but how stupid do they think OP could really be?


Greatest_Turtler t1_j29ghpp wrote

It wasn’t necessarily obvious. ’show’ can mean anything, from LIVE tv, to streaming services


wholesme t1_j29in3s wrote

but the thought doesnt make sense if we're talking about live tv so it is obvious if you think about it


bambrini16 t1_j29jbqb wrote

It’s obvious to anyone with common sense


Greatest_Turtler t1_j29knub wrote

Well that explains it! I do lack any common sense haha


bambrini16 t1_j29ll7n wrote

There you go then haha and to be fair, I suppose if someone’s neurodivergent (e.g. autistic) and struggle with taking things too literally and putting together context and pragmatic factors it would also be reasonable for them not to understand what was meant. I’m not diagnosed as autistic but do have some similar symptoms so I can understand it’s not easy for everyone to understand things that aren’t explicitly said


Greatest_Turtler t1_j29lvr8 wrote

Despite having traits, and people saying I do, I don’t


bambrini16 t1_j29mbts wrote

I wasn’t referring to you, but it was just another factor that occurred to me just as I was writing my reply to you


Greatest_Turtler t1_j29mz6d wrote

Oh, I know, I was just saying is all. Didn’t cross my mind that that may be the reason some people misunderstand


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j2ae23i wrote

Thank you!! Every time I see a new "live tv" comment I just laugh at this point. I'm over commenting to clarify to those people haha at least we have some people with common sense here. 😅


TheBradIstace t1_j26bthm wrote

This has to be a Gen Z or Millennial thing. Used to be that you watched what was on; the only option was which channel. The next day everyone would be talking about the same show because we all watched it at the same time.


No-Cold-5439 t1_j26s2bb wrote

this thought isn't restricted to millennial or gen z though


david_leaves t1_j26hyx8 wrote

It's conceivable that two people would start a Netflix movie at the exact same moment, watch for an hour and then pause at the exact same moment for pee break and exchange the same words (maybe in a diff language) with a household member and then start playing again at the same time. I wonder if Netflix has any data on this - not the conversing part but all else.


Mindofmierda90 t1_j27f9uw wrote

There’s a non zero chance that that could actually happen.


ind3pend0nt t1_j26srom wrote

I seriously doubt any streaming service, outside of live events, have any data to determine if two unique users meet that criteria. If they do then that would be a sell story for marketing/sales. Showing how many eyes are glued to Netflix.


Sgt_Fox t1_j26rdd8 wrote

No, because we have terrestrial television literally showing everyone who tunes in the same thing at the same time


MarinaJoyce7 t1_j276zou wrote

Realistically, probably anytime a show is released you’d have many people watching the moment it went live.


mtthwas t1_j278y4p wrote

I mean, the person sitting next to me on the couch is absolutely watching the same exact show at the same timestamp as I am...even watching on the same exact TV!


scdog t1_j279tzb wrote

What you’re describing is how it used to be for every show and movie on TV.


wildadragon t1_j26cgsz wrote

Ummm yeah episodes air on TV all get played together. Same with sporting events.


One_Planche_Man t1_j2719kw wrote

VSauce actually made a video about a decade ago about how many people in the world press the space bar at the exactly same time. This video. He basically estimates every second, 6 million people are pressing the space bar.


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29btln wrote

Thank you! I was looking for an interesting conversation about a complex idea. Not everyone complaining about Gen z. I'm almost 40 lol

I appreciate this video! Thanks a lot!!


eternalankh t1_j27h0gu wrote

I mean, my ex and I had a long distance relationship and we would often sync up movies while on a Skype call to watch movies together.


tone88988 t1_j290hpt wrote

I think about this kind of thing a lot actually. I wonder all the time how many people are doing the exact same thing I am at any given moment. And then I think about if they might be thinking about me doing the same thing they’re doing as well and all of us are worse off for not paying attention to what we’re doing. Bunch of friggin ADHDudes out here.


bayless210 t1_j26fx1g wrote

With the way streaming services launch their shows? Yeah all the time.


bryan3737 t1_j26ni6c wrote

I’m gonna blow your mind. Have you heard of tv?


bayless210 t1_j2bx39e wrote

I’m talking about how they announce a series and release an entire season at once. People know which day it is and chances are high that more than one person is watching at the exact same time. TV doesn’t count. Of course everyone would watch it at the same time. They have no control of that situation.

Ugh you know what? Don’t post a shower thought and expect every single person to have cable or satellite or whatever the fuck they’re using now. I prefer streaming services and wonder if someone else is watching the same episode or movie at the exact same time as me. Don’t fucking play me for a fool.


mesterw t1_j27iisf wrote

I'm sure it happens every time a new season of Letterkenney drops


hir04tr3dd1t t1_j27iy2i wrote

Yeah I also often wonder if someone or a group of people who are doing the same thing I'm doing at the same intensity,it really makes your mind wonder which is kind of interesting and curious.


callmefreak t1_j27ycxi wrote

Over a decade ago my dad and uncle decided to watch a new episode of Family Guy together, but from their own homes and talking to each other through the phone. They accidentally found out that my uncle's TV was slightly behind my dad's even though they were watching the same show, on the same channel, at (almost) the same time.

I don't understand why they decided to do that that night. They haven't done that before or since. I just thought that it was kind of funny that they discovered such a thing by accident.


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29c120 wrote

That's hilarious to me too bc I actually used to watch family guy on the phone with my friends when I was back in high school haha. We had the house phone and TV. Pretty weird but interesting similar story


uRude t1_j27yexj wrote

Umm lol I think everyone watches the news at the same time and bro, cable TV still exists in many parts of the world you know. Cable is streamed so if 2 people are watching the same channel, chances are the video is synched, although not 100% of the time, but most of the time


PugOnAUnicornThrone t1_j284wrz wrote

I have an old Nintendo NES and about 6 mo the ago I was playing Paperboy and I had the thought that I was probably the only person in the world at that moment playing that game


vinnievonka t1_j2894ps wrote

In an infinite universe with infinite possibilities, yes: someone, somewhere in the Galaxy is doing something at the exact same time as you.


TrueyBanks t1_j28czrr wrote

Not just live broadcasts but appointment viewing as well. When game of thrones was hot I know everyone was tuning in on Sunday at the same time. People used to do live twitter reactions as they were watching.


adnanclyde t1_j28d9mj wrote

Pretending TV is not a thing... this is just a general case of the Birthday problem. In a 24h day, to get a 50% chance of 2 people watching in sync, you need 350 people for 1s precision, 11000 for 1ms precision.

So a popular youtube channel will have tons of people overlapping to 1ms precision in the first few days.


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29cgcg wrote

Thanks for an actual answer instead of BS about Gen z. I just thought it was a really interesting idea. Random thought that popped into my head when I was thinking about streaming


TastyBleach t1_j28frb6 wrote

This is how my ex snd i got together, casually chatting on tinder, she was abput 5 seconds ahead of me watching hannibal


Sufficient_Ad_4708 t1_j290p6n wrote

I don't have a link to the post but when house of dragons released someone took a video of it playing in sync with multiple apartments in the same building


Trey33lee t1_j2andy1 wrote

I just wonder if somebody is thinking the exact same thing I'm thinking at the same time in the shower


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j2arbjx wrote

Hahaha! That's actually an awesome concept. I'm sure it happens... sheer probability. Especially common thoughts like sex, body image, shampoos and soap... but even random shit, it's gotta happen imo. Could be wrong but I'd guess yes over no


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iD-Remus t1_j279r55 wrote

There could be multiple people reading this post at the same exact pace in their heads


carldubs t1_j27dced wrote

sure it happens a lot when something new comes out. an older show, prolly not so much.


ogresound1987 t1_j28d2c8 wrote

You mean.... You wonder if anybody but you has ever watched TV?


VonDinky t1_j28kzxz wrote

Can things even be in total sync? Now I feel like researching this. Maybe one day when I'm not so tired and lazy. :D


sconels t1_j295guf wrote

My child, before the internet EVERYONE watched shows at the same time.


Medic1248 t1_j29hdtw wrote

I saw a Facebook clip of an entire apartment building watching the premier of House of the Dragon. You could see all the dark windows changing color at the same time.

So no. I’ve watched big premiers live. I know people are exactly in sync with me in the millions probably 😂


alt52lol t1_j29qapb wrote

>i wonder if anyone has ever been watching the same show at the same time

What the fuck is wrong with zoomers?


gruntbuggly t1_j29srpk wrote

Used to happen all the time before on-demand and streaming services. Still happens, too, with royal weddings and World Cup finals.


East-Yogurtcloset-31 t1_j29uuhj wrote

Man you just wanted to know if people synced up on Netflix and you’re getting totally reamed here🤣

Not all of us are snarky sht talkers🥲 As somebody who doesn’t watch tv very often I hadn’t even thought about live tv, though that seems silly because it’s too obvious.


mufasa329 t1_j29z0mw wrote

Happens with literally any live show, Super Bowl, jeopardy, it’s very very common


gdubh t1_j2a1vya wrote

Most of my life there were millions of people and I doing this.l


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j2aabm7 wrote

Honestly, I just thought it was an interesting concept to chat about, but clearly trolls would rather talk about how I don't know what live TV is.... some of you are tripping hard lol. Wowwwwww


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29bdpx wrote

Before I get anymore Gen z comments, guys, I had a random curious thought about data, streaming, and analytics. I grew up pre-internet and cell phones. I'm looking for others that may have had that same crazy thought I had... not another 20 people saying "live tv" lol it's oldddd


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j26yf88 wrote

I thought it would be obvious to most people I wasn't talking about live television...


khamelean t1_j276bry wrote

You thought it would be obvious that the exact thing you described wasn’t the thing you were talking about?? Do you not know what “obvious” means?


jensalik t1_j275j80 wrote

How? There are kids who never heard about live broadcast TV who are on here on a daily basis.


Double-Working1990 OP t1_j29cqc6 wrote

And I'm supposed to cater to them? Nah. I just was curious and asked a question. :)


jensalik t1_j29d0k0 wrote

No, but it's the reason for anyone who's on here to assume the question was asked by one of them, if it isn't clarified further.


OutwestRedneck t1_j26f4b2 wrote

I always hate the delay on "live" shows... I just wish I could watch it oh, I dunno, LIVE


bryan3737 t1_j26n943 wrote

Most live shows only have a 30 seconds delay to censor things like curse words or in case something goes wrong on stage. I don’t think those 30 seconds would make a difference