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JoinAThang t1_j1z2o0y wrote

What do you mean? My parents will probably die before me. Maybe im just being stupid but I don't see the logic.


monsterlollol t1_j1z522b wrote

Your children would then identify as you, so perhaps this is what they aiming at


JoinAThang t1_j1zecu5 wrote

But why would my kid identity as me just because I identified as my parents. Also it wouldn't work over more than one generation as if my child gets children they wouldn't identify as me but their parents. Sounds more to the point to just identify as your child.


btwalsh t1_j1z2s8r wrote

Yeah this is stupid, I don't understand either.


Terrible-Swim-6786 OP t1_j1za7b3 wrote

If you became immortal but had total amnesia every 100 years, you could keep a diary and still feel immortal. If you got a new body every 100 years, you could tell your new body their past life and still feel immortal. But if the new body felt like a different person each time, you would not be immortal anymore.


Telemere125 t1_j1z6sg2 wrote

I’m assuming you mean every successive child would take their parent’s identity. That would mean the identity would persist, but an identity or name isn’t “living”.

Sober up before you post next time


Terrible-Swim-6786 OP t1_j20b2w4 wrote

Even your past self isn't living if you think about it


Telemere125 t1_j20boqh wrote

You wouldn’t be posting this nonsense if you were thinking about it


Terrible-Swim-6786 OP t1_j20feay wrote

I don't want to bother you because you're clearly uninterested but all I am saying is that keeping our body and memories is not enough to be immortal, it's not even the main requirement, you need to believe you always had that body or memories.


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roadrunner00 t1_j1zhyzl wrote

What if you are a man that has a daughter or if you don't have kids at all?


Terrible-Swim-6786 OP t1_j20bz8p wrote

One could potentionally accept to be reborn in a new body with a different gender. If you don't have kids it simply won't work.