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andurilmat t1_j6e8l2z wrote

for some one making a sarcastic comment you really struggled to identify the sarcasm in my post. looks like you haven't had to scroll yet


WutWhoSaidDat t1_j6f4g18 wrote

I see rainmace making a joke and you throwing a fit over said joke.


andurilmat t1_j6f6wkw wrote

i see rainmace not understanding a joke and me having to explain it


WutWhoSaidDat t1_j6f7px4 wrote

I see him making a joke and you being a dumbass who thinks he doesn’t understand it and then throwing a childish hissy fit over said joke and then doubling down on the hissy fit.

I fully expect you to triple down and whine some more.


andurilmat t1_j6f7vmx wrote

ah the kind or response i'd expect from an american


WutWhoSaidDat t1_j6f8lc2 wrote

Not sure what country I’m from matters, but it’s nice to know that people throw childish outraged hissy fits for no reason in other countries too.

I was also right about the triple down.

Will you go for the quadruple down and cry sone more about a guy making a joke you can’t handle?


andurilmat t1_j6f9p9i wrote

i haven't trippled down on my point yet, so can't quadruple down


FindorKotor93 t1_j6fc45p wrote

Sorry if I stole your thunder there but I do love narc-baiting. Loved the joke. :)


FindorKotor93 t1_j6f991o wrote

Okay so you don't get the joke either. Anduril is saying we have flashbacks to almost any year, even toddlers, and making light of that with irony. Rainmace didn't get that and thought he was being dumb and not realising that it's a short time.
The country is relevant because there's a stereotype of yanks being bad at irony. It isn't true, you have brilliant ironic wits, but you also have a lot of loud narcissists who can't reflect on situations to understand irony.


WutWhoSaidDat t1_j6f9x1d wrote

“So above the age of 10-15” is a fucking joke and is not him being dumb.

You need to chill the fuck out and stop being a moron.


FindorKotor93 t1_j6fa8mb wrote

I didn't say Rainmace was dumb. I said rainmace thought anduril was being dumb and made a joke about that because he missed Anduril's irony.
Thank you for proving what I said about loud narcissists though.


WutWhoSaidDat t1_j6faluz wrote

You should look up the actual definition of a narcissist. It’s not just whatever you dream it as being. It’s as bad as calling anything you don’t like to hear as being gaslighting.


FindorKotor93 t1_j6fb0rq wrote

And you're showing entitlement, grandiosity and a total lack of reflective ability. And deceptiveness with that open deflection, implying an inability to hold yourself to account.I know what you are.
Last chance before the block now, engage my original explanation, apologise for your aggressive and incorrect attacks, or prove me right again.
EDIT: Sorry, accounting for your disability. Those are three options to pick from, not a list I want you to follow.


WutWhoSaidDat t1_j6fgroc wrote

Oh noooo don’t block me over sensitive internet stranger that can’t recognize or handle jokes.

What if we were meant for each other but you’ll never know cuz you blocked me????


FindorKotor93 t1_j6filzk wrote

Okay, thanks for admitting I was right. :) P.s. two different people. You really wanted to prove a total lack of reflection right?


rainmace t1_j6e8uue wrote

Oh I see, so you weren’t actually saying what you were saying. Sorry, it’s hard to tell sarcasm on the internet. So what you actually meant was that scrolling to find your birth year ISN’T actually a good indicator of knowing when you’re old


andurilmat t1_j6eaqh1 wrote

yes, its based on the notion of younger people never having to scroll for their birth year and referring to adults in their 20's and up as 'Old'.


it did however used to be a good indicator of when you were an adult as lists always had 20+ years before you had to scroll. mobile layouts and better website design have changed that.