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phadrus56 t1_j6jdo1x wrote

Perhaps people are afraid of having to deal with his private life issues.


TRHess t1_j6jfgxq wrote

Yeah, there are three ways they could handle him.

  1. Make it all about his "king of pop" era before he bleached himself white and let the weird stuff out. This method would get criticized for ignoring the child abuse issue.

  2. Include the child molestation issue... and I don't think there's any way this could be addressed tastefully. The biopic would have to take a stance on whether or not he was guilty (personally I think he was) and would be criticized by people who are on the other side of the issue.

  3. Make it about his abusive childhood and use that as a vehicle to show how it messed him up as an adult. End it right as things were about to go off the rails, kinda like The Aviator.


DJs1062 t1_j6jg1ev wrote

I think they won't include the allegations, most the allegations happened after he died. He was investigated before but the FBI declared him innocent. And his family has most likely given permission for the movie so I would be surprised if they include it.


nonanumatic t1_j6ji0m7 wrote

I don't think he was guilty. Now don't get me wrong, I do think he did some weird things, but I don't think he molested any children, and neither does Macaulay Culkin, a child at the time who was close to him. He was also found not guilty in court. On top of that, he bleached himself white because he had vitiligo, and his skin already had massive patches of white that he was incredibly self conscious about, considering how massively popular he was. All that on top of the aforementioned abusive childhood due to his pos father, he was definitely troubled. If I were to guess they would go with something like your third option, but I do think they should go further and talk about his entire life, as there is so much misinformation out about him


RandoCalrissian11 t1_j6l2ltt wrote

After he died they proved he was guilty, just can’t convict a dead guy. He and OJ are equally innocent.


nonanumatic t1_j6l44f1 wrote



RandoCalrissian11 t1_j6mg89n wrote

Every documentary, police report, and person who knows the case. The only sources who think he’s innocent are the ones that go strictly off the legal proceedings, just like OJ.


yeahwellokay t1_j6jftw0 wrote

I went out with a girl once and we ended up watching a Michael Jackson biopic on the TV Guide channel that didn't have any of his licensed music. It was terrible.


ErinBLAMovich t1_j6jihqh wrote

Who would play him? Casting either a black or white actor would cause drama.

Plus, it's hard to build hype for such a biopic when top social media comments on all the ads would probably be something like "hey remember when that child was able to accurately describe MJ's penis".


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DJs1062 t1_j6jerth wrote

I guess he just never permitted them, he wasn't exactly a fan of media and the music industry. But they are currently working on a biopic of him. The project is in the hands of Antoine Fuqua, the man that worked on video clips for prince and that directed gangsta's paradise. I read today that they casted his nephew Jaafar Jackson as Michael.


SupaBloo t1_j6jg9ad wrote

I'm guessing the massive amount of controversy surrounding sexual allegations with him is the main reason why. There are a large enough number of people who believe and disbelieve the allegations to the point where any sort of biopic leaning either way on them would piss enough people off to want to avoid a biopic altogether.


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_j6jh6mx wrote

I think it's because of that one time they cast Joseph Fiennes to play him and everyone lost their collective shit.


SplodyPants t1_j6jj25s wrote

It would be a very sad movie if they tried to be honest. From everything I've seen and read, the guy had the mind of a child. I don't mean he was disabled or stupid, he was just very naive and didn't have a full grasp of what most people call normal life.

And if they didn't make it honestly it would just be a generic musician biopic and people would absolutely hate it. Maybe after more time has passed they could approach it realistically. A movie on all of the Jackson kids maybe.


Sleepy_Membership_ t1_j6jbxe8 wrote

We totally agree! It's about time we had a proper biopic that does justice to the music legend that is Michael Jackson. Let's hope some creative minds in Hollywood come up with something soon!