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MinFootspace t1_j6hff6a wrote

Except that it's not the woman's body that builds it, but the foetus's... the woman just hands over bricks and mortar but the planning and direction of construction is done by the future baby.


PM_MEOttoVonBismarck t1_j6hiyv2 wrote

I like how a lot of mothers are "Don't disrespect me I made you." No, actually, I made myself you just financed me.


MinFootspace t1_j6hjkql wrote

Well we shall not underestimate the effort of handing bricks and mortar... and provide the building ground xD


MyNewBoss t1_j6hm8y6 wrote

Or how awful it must be to be the construction site, and also in charge of all waste removal


BigCommieMachine t1_j6hmw5h wrote

I mean that is why stem cells are a huge focus of research. The body in theory has the instruction and ,in theory, the material.


Doughspun1 t1_j6l434c wrote

Imagine being able to regrow fresh body parts all the time - our life expectancy would almost triple.


WarCriminalCat t1_j6i7yn6 wrote

Yeah it blew my mind when I learned that the placenta is not the mother's, but the fetus's!


khamelean t1_j6hg8iz wrote

Babies grow themselves. The mother is an incubator and food supply…


DesignatedDonut t1_j6hrovc wrote

So does that mean a baby fits the criteria of a parasite?


khamelean t1_j6hrwot wrote

Yep, 100%. A very cute parasite.


jonny1211 t1_j6huc83 wrote

Don’t know about the cute part, people say I was an ugly baby


Oerthling t1_j6hybf9 wrote

All babies are ugly. Parents are just corrupted by hormones to not notice. And everybody around them is just being nice. :-)


jonny1211 t1_j6hylcr wrote

So I was not the odd one. Feels good knowing that


Raxure t1_j6hutap wrote

Not necessarily true there’s differing opinions on this. Parasites use a host to live quite plainly however their goal is to feed on the host for an indefinite period or until they’re dead. A babies goal while similar to a parasite in nature is to mature to the point where it can umm get out lol. Just a random note though doesn’t really matter much


jaleCro t1_j6hvl7l wrote

> asites use a host to live quite plainly however their goal is to feed on the host for an indefinite period or until they’re dead

there are a number of parasites which only spend a part of their lifecycle as parasites


Xrcane t1_j6hwhyg wrote

We already know what a baby is


Raxure t1_j6ja79e wrote

I didn’t know that, I had read that parasites intend on remaining on their host for as long as possible as that’s their only way of living. Which ones do that if you don’t mind me asking?


jaleCro t1_j6jowor wrote

Parasitic wasps are the first which come to mind.


Raxure t1_j6jp1qc wrote

Ugh of course that’s a thing lmao. Well there’s my nightmare fuel for the week…


Purrowpet t1_j6hucuu wrote

The only technical difference is that parasitic interactions are considered on a species-wide basis, not individual. Colloquially, it doesn't make a difference


[deleted] t1_j6hmtln wrote

People here have no humour, this was a funny shower tought but no, let's go all Mythbusters mode. Achually the baby grows it's own legs.. Really? Would have not guessed


ImCaligulaI t1_j6hpd5x wrote

Can you really blame people for pushing accuracy over humour in a time where so much misinformation is spread (both maliciously and via incomprehension by the reader) via jokes and memes?


[deleted] t1_j6hq8iz wrote

Oh my god lighten up. Why would someone spread misinformation about this subject? So no more humour for anyone in these terrible times. Unless it is scientifically accurate ofcourse


ImCaligulaI t1_j6hs3mu wrote

>Why would someone spread misinformation about this subject?

That's why I wrote intentionally or by misunderstanding from the reader?

There's plenty of kids and people of varying levels of education on here, a lot may not know how fetal development works, what's so bad in finding out more about it?

>So no more humour for anyone in these terrible times. Unless it is scientifically accurate ofcourse

Don't strawman. It's not like the joke was taken off for not being scientifically accurate, lol.

People clarifying on the incorrect parts of a joke or humorous sentence doesn't detract from the joke, especially since this subreddit isn't exclusively humorous and thus it's not implicit it's a joke.

You're supposed to read the showethought, laugh/smile, go read the comments, see people clarifying.

If you already knew and it was obvious for you you can just go "duh" and move on, no harm done. If you didn't know you can go "huh, TIL" and move on, not only no harm done, but you now know something new.

How's that bad?


Hanede t1_j6ht1ms wrote

Well, that's what the comment section is for, you can enjoy the joke for what it is but people are allowed to criticize it. Would you rather every comment be "haha true"?


ben1481 t1_j6huqb3 wrote

>this was a funny shower tought

and that's where we disagree


Isa472 t1_j6hwdlj wrote

It's a forum. We can appreciate both the post and the discussion that derives from it. Also OP is a bot


Piterotody t1_j6i38kx wrote

i actually only opened the comments to read the "uhm, actually...". there's not much to comment otherwise.


Gh0sT_Pro t1_j6hphvx wrote

Haven't you seen the hundreds of posts saying a vagina is a 3D printer? Yeah, people actually believe it.


[deleted] t1_j6hq2zp wrote

I haven't, but maybe people are joking? Reddit is so serious sometimes. I tought this is a light hearted fun sub


lllNico t1_j6ht2m6 wrote

thats def the plot of that movie with the island of spare part humans


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Remember, /r/Showerthoughts is for showerthoughts, not "thoughts had in the shower!"

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Outrageous-Pause6317 t1_j6hvwl2 wrote

Could they develop a treatment where a woman could grow replacement body parts in their womb?

Too gross maybe, but someone might come up with it.

No I’m gonna think about something else.


Shjco t1_j6hw5xh wrote

Except that her body is not growing the new limbs. Her body us only providing the environment and nutrients for the new person that is growing the limbs for itself.


Nostonica t1_j6jkmue wrote

Pretty dumb, that's how I feel reading this and now i've got work with that IQ hit, thanks OP.


ben1481 t1_j6husmh wrote

OP probably water boarded himself in the shower while trying to come up with this crap.


ruthless1717 t1_j6huwqi wrote

Pro choice logic... It's not the mother's body growing the limbs. The baby is developing the limbs with the mother's support.


Unused_Application_ t1_j6hf8d0 wrote

Now that's one amazing superpower! It's a real testament to the resilience and power of the human body.