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Mindofmierda90 t1_j6j6gn5 wrote

It never should’ve been made about race…but it was. Even the Tyre Nichols story is quieter than it would be if the cops were white.


CakesNGames90 t1_j6jq4m0 wrote

That’s because the All Lives Matter and Back The Blue squads are silent right now. Black Twitter is blowing up over it.


Sburban_Player t1_j6k0au5 wrote

It’s odd to me (a white dude) that their races are such a focal point, I understand why it seems weird but it’s nothing really new. NWA sang about “black police showing out for the white cop” in 1988. It’s always been cops killing minorities, a majority of killer cops are white, but plenty of them have been other races as well. It’s the police as an institution that kills people, which certainly comes from being founded upon racist ideologies, but the race of the individuals who follow that institution isn’t of much significance to me.


StuartHoggIsGod t1_j6k1wci wrote

This. Obviously The history and impact is very much based on racial issues but the fact that cops have too much power and too little oversight should be Irrespective of that.


CakesNGames90 t1_j6k6xld wrote

I mean…there’s a reason the term ACAB exists and AWCAB doesn’t. Black people already knew that about cops lol. That’s not news to us. It just seems to be news to everyone else.


notorious98 t1_j6kbvqp wrote

Yeah, officer from overseer, need a little clarity?

Check the similarity - KRS One


Allgoodonesaretaken9 t1_j6kiqlp wrote

It’s because the MSM are silent about it, because there is a Democratic in the WH.


sandefurd t1_j6jp1m0 wrote

It's a travesty but it is weird how this current protest does not include BLM in it


thekyledavid t1_j6jqafd wrote

Because the people who were responsible were arrested right away

Nobody is claiming that BLM can somehow stop every murder, it’s just that people should be held accountable when a murder does happen

For comparison, it took 2 and a half years for Breonna Taylor’s killers to be arrested, and that was only after BLM got involved and made her a worldwide name


PerpConst t1_j6jykxa wrote

Derek Chauvin was arrested four days after the George Floyd incident, sparking six months of vigorously peaceful protests by BLM.

Those responsible for Tyre Nichols were charged three weeks after the incident, sparking the resounding sound of crickets chirping from BLM.


Dredmart t1_j6kdnal wrote

Wasn't just George Floyd though. That's kind of the point. Several incidents happened in a really short time. Breonna Taylor also never got justice.


ImReverse_Giraffe t1_j6k1wg3 wrote

Not true at all.

Derek Chauvin was arrested days after Floyd was killed. It took weeks for these cops to be arrested.


Fearzebu t1_j6k9pv1 wrote

And only because they couldn’t cover up or explain away the pole-mounted security cam footage. They thought they got ahead of it before it became a scandal by throwing five cops under the bus to save the broken system from scrutiny.


Dredmart t1_j6ke0i4 wrote

The videos for both were released differently. Derek Chauvin was caught on camera by cellphone during the incident. This latest one took weeks for the video to come out.

Also, these cops were fired immediately.


Fearzebu t1_j6kax3a wrote

Breonna Taylor’s killers were never arrested or charged.

The only indictments were involving the process of producing the fraudulent warrant, lying and covering up and obstructing the investigation, and charges for the one officer who shot 10 times blindly through a closed and curtained window (one of which went through wall into neighboring apartment) for being reckless and unnecessary, which implies the other shooters were not reckless and not unnecessary let alone criminal home invasion and murder which is what it was.

Don’t spread bullshit misinformation, that’s exactly what the police department sought in making these minor charges a headline to obfuscate the situation and give the general public who doesn’t pay much attention the impression that justice was eventually done; when, in fact, it has not been and will not be.


canikatthedisco t1_j6iprms wrote

Could work. Reagan signed gun control legislation in the 80's because groups like the black panthers started carrying.


Sol-eks OP t1_j6iqq9z wrote

That’s what I immediately thought of. Kinda sucks it got to this point though. RIP Tyre


[deleted] t1_j6issog wrote



dengar_hennessy t1_j6j3boo wrote

Do you think that white people aren't shot by police?


bassslappin t1_j6jeq6o wrote

All the time


dengar_hennessy t1_j6jo8wz wrote

Seriously. I don't know the actual ratios but I think technically more white people are killed by police every year but with the proportion to population is higher percentage of blacks. Something like that. I don't know.


Safe2BeFree t1_j6jqi0u wrote

2022 police killing numbers:

Total 1096

Black 225

White 389

Total killings when the victim was unarmed 27

Unarmed blacks 7

Unarmed whites 9


RailAurai t1_j6jlh7i wrote

White people are getting shot, the news media just doesn't find it interesting enough to report on.


dirkdiggler2011 t1_j6ju00t wrote

Nor do they report black on black murder which is highly prevalent. There is a reason Chicago is called "Chi-raq".

People are only interested if one color kills the other.

The recent emphasis on using "blue" as a universal donor for outrage has been lovingly cultivated by the media as an angry viewer keeps watching.


Stryker2279 t1_j6itx5v wrote

Yes, because God forbid minorities have the ability to defend themselves in the face of systemic recism.


MantiSigma t1_j6j5q3g wrote

The biggest joke is, that exactly that is what the second amendment is actually about.


Fluid_Amphibian3860 t1_j6j8r9u wrote

Its about poverty. Poor people get shot by cops Black poor people, White poor people etc.. The race narrative is welcomed because it keeps people divided. Poor people need to unite.


Sloloem t1_j6k6pco wrote

I looked at a lot of numbers from various watchdog groups right after the huge push in the wake of George Floyd's murder and the interesting takeaway was that encounters with the police end in murder at pretty much the same rate regardless of the races of either the officers or victims. When controlling for population demographics it was more likely for a black or hispanic person to have that encounter than others, but once the cop was targeting you it was about even odds.

The real stark contrast was when you drew the lines by income. If you were sufficiently wealthy your odds of being hurt or killed in an encounter with a police officer regardless of anyone's race dropped to effectively 0 while if you were poor (or the police thought you were) you were in serious trouble.

Not saying this is a good way to look at the data but if you don't break anything down at all and just look at all police shootings equally the least likely kind of person to be on that list is a rich asian lady while the most likely victim is actually a dog...because police kill roughly 10x more pets than people every year.

It's about class, yes, but fuck me the scared little babies popping off rounds at dog parks because wagging tails threaten them need to learn some goddamned discipline and de-escalation tactics.


snekbat t1_j6jc964 wrote

Imagine finding out just now it's not a race problem but a cop problem. US cop training is a joke.


tyzeebk t1_j6jw60t wrote

Turns out it’s a problem with bad people, who lack empathy, not a race or cop issue.


MatiasPalacios t1_j6jojr8 wrote

But when a they want to build a training center, people want to burn it down 🤦‍♂️


TrulyStupidNewb t1_j6jz47w wrote

Setting fires to a building isn't cool. A lot of RPGs start where the hero's village get set on fire by the bad guys. If RPGs taught us anything, it's that bad guys tend to start fires in cities.


Dredmart t1_j6kddcr wrote

That training center is about urban warfare. If you're teaching cops how to fight in urban environments, like the military, then you want a police state.


I_Love_Each_of_You t1_j6isgzz wrote

Nah, the police and their unions are just biding their time to step in. The second laws to restrict their behavior are seriously debated they'll start attacking the proponents with ads, campaign donations, and if that doesn't work historically they've turned to violence.

A violent gang doesn't just give up just because the public is against them.


could_use_a_snack t1_j6jqnhl wrote

>A violent gang doesn't just give up just because the public is against them.

It'll probably just make them paranoid and even less trusting. Which will end up being realized as more violent behavior.


fonkordie t1_j6ja089 wrote

Source for the resorting to violence?


Extra_Bathroom_8306 t1_j6jg74q wrote

Idk what he was thinking of but cops do pretend to be protestors and just so they can cause an incident and arrest everyone.


fonkordie t1_j6jj2ga wrote

Sensationalist and populist source - but interesting read.


Extra_Bathroom_8306 t1_j6jl1bm wrote


Thats_My_Moo t1_j6ioclw wrote

Similar thing happened with gun laws in California in the 1960s. Gun control laws were passed after the Black Panthers decided they wanted to arm themselves.


Demetrius3D t1_j6ir0yb wrote

It's like when nobody wanted to do gun control until the Black Panthers started arming up.


Unused_Application_ t1_j6inyyg wrote

That's an interesting observation, and an important conversation to have. We need to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally, regardless of race or background. It's time for us all to come together and work towards making our communities safer, stronger and more unified.


Silver-Reporter-605 t1_j6irwvp wrote

Like in Bojack Horseman where all it took for gun control legislation was to empower women to use guns.


devilthedankdawg t1_j6kalr1 wrote

Cause it wasnt a racist cop thing its just a cop thing. They may take advantage of a disproportionate number of black people cause black people are disproportionatley poor, but its not always race-based. Ask West Virgina trailer park people how they feel about the cops.


Guardiansvn t1_j6ir8ad wrote

I’ve seen and heard this repetitive thought. Very sad how things aren’t a problem until black people start doing it.


RonSwansonsOldMan t1_j6j5xoc wrote

Repeal ONE law and it will keep cops in check. Get rid of Qualified Immunity and make cops pay for lawsuits out of their own pockets. Not paid from ANY other source besides the cop's personal funds. Not city funds, not unions, not insurance.


octaviobonds t1_j6jjase wrote

The problem isn't the cops as much as it is prosecutors. Those people are vicious and responsible for putting behind bars many innocent people. Kamala is one bright example that has put in jail so many of her own.


Extra_Bathroom_8306 t1_j6k3zp3 wrote

Good point. Prosecutors should start treating people like people instead of case files and the court room should be more than a game where they can brag about their 99% conviction rating.


TheDeadlySquid t1_j6k850w wrote

What’s that joke from Chapelle about the only way there will be gun control laws is if blacks start buying a lot of guns.


MellowMe2022 t1_j6ka0d8 wrote

It's dripping with irony, huh?

Kinda like when the Black Panthers brought about gun control in California.

The Mulford Act


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Avalanche2 t1_j6k6tdw wrote

Cable news has already told everyone that even though the 5 cops were black, this is clearly due to white supremacy. MSNBC already had Rev. Al explaining it all day.


tunaburn t1_j6j8sfe wrote

Lol no

Nothing will change with policing. If anything they will get even more money for more cops and bigger guns but none of it will go to hiring better people or having actual training.


wormholetrafficjam t1_j6jn86w wrote

Holy shit.. I’m more impressed the dumb bot didn’t flag this for some even dumber excuse. Good job!


ladybug68 t1_j6k4h8f wrote

I had the same thought. Police brutality can certainly be about racism, but the overreaching issue is power tripping, cruelty, and believing you are above the law.


BoZNiko663 t1_j6kfxnx wrote

Bruhhhhh Automod .... you failed us ....

Literally said BLACK cops🤦‍♂️


MatiasPalacios t1_j6jorrn wrote

Wow, You guys has took you longer than I thought to try to turn this into a racial issue.


ncc74656m t1_j6kil2x wrote

Nah you can just keep firing black cops and charging them. Can't risk prosecuting some of the whi... err, good cops.


joechoj t1_j6kixnj wrote

> police charged with murder

Me: Finally, cops not treated as if they're above the law!

> the officers were all black

Me: I see what's happening here.

Look, these men are awful, and deserve to have the book thrown at them, and I hope it leads to police reform. But of course it's black cops who are being made an example of after all the white murderer cops that have skated.


Tr_nt t1_j6jgrol wrote

Laws that the police are supposed to enforce 🤔 Their just going to selectively enforce it only on other black cops they want to get rid of.


Stunning_Regret6123 t1_j6k68ga wrote

My experience has been there are no black, white or whatever cops, they’re all blue. If anything can overcome that divide from the “protected,” I suppose your statement is the closest thing.


PlantZawer t1_j6je6tc wrote

Nahhhhh now they wont hire POC police because of this. Meaning POC cities about to have a full white supremacy police force