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Lord-of-Leviathans t1_j6i3a00 wrote

News isn’t supposed to provide solutions. It’s supposed to provide information as unbiased as possible


DizzyAmphibian309 t1_j6j4wbs wrote

News that provides solutions is basically Tucker Carlson's show. The news is mostly fabricated and the solutions presented are propaganda with the sole intention of deceiving and brainwashing their viewers.

News shows, or ones claiming to be news, shouldn't be allowed to express any opinions at all, let alone present solutions. The fact that they're allowed to is one of the reasons why the US is so divided.


Martyr-Saint t1_j6iisga wrote

Ok but erm what if suppose the truth said that eating [non descript food item] was undeniably bad for you but then the [non descript food item] company gave me several million dollars….

Surely it’s ok to lie then right?


Hawkstar5088 t1_j6ik358 wrote

Not really how that works. Media is only sustained by public opinion, and that public opinion wants news to seem unbiased at all costs, which leads to "both-sides-journalism", where [non descript food item] is reported to potentially be harmful, but the defense from from the company is aired just as much in an attempt to seem unbiased. It's like the old ipod shuffle problem, it becomes more biased in an attempt to seem unbiased


ShaderzXC t1_j6iwjyt wrote

iPod shuffle problem? Sounds interesting. I’m guessing the iPod would deliberately play songs that the were underplayed


Hawkstar5088 t1_j6j4zji wrote

The shuffle problem: the original shuffle was truly random, it played songs in no order whatsoever. But because people find patterns in everything, people complained that it "wasn't random enough", songs from the same album played back to back, genres clumped together, things that happen when random happens again and again, but people thought it was because of patterns. So Apple replaced Shuffle with an algorithm that made it seem "more" random, even though it eliminated all randomness


BellyScratchFTW t1_j6ivsn9 wrote

Lord-ofLeviathans said supposed to. He didn't say they actually do this.


HunkyMump t1_j6jaulw wrote

I remember those times in the long, long ago.


Tensor3 t1_j6k9434 wrote

I dont think news ever has provided solutions. What is this "anymore" phrasing in OP??