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SoontobeSam t1_j6irou0 wrote

News doesn't offer solutions, opinions, takes, or sides, it offers facts, events, and background and puts it to the viewer to form their own solutions, opinions, takes and sides.

The vast majority of "News" today is entertainment with a side of current events and fear mongering.


digitdaemon t1_j6ixpp6 wrote

I am okay with a little bit of speculation based on how similar previous events played out, or how a population might react based on culture/political leaning. But they need to stay away from how they want things to play out.


taleo t1_j6k12b9 wrote

That's not news. That's analysis.


digitdaemon t1_j6kd8eu wrote

Yes, but what I am saying is a little bit of good analysis is acceptable along with the news, as long as it follows the conditions that I put forth.


LightDownTheWell t1_j6j5tkd wrote

The majority of news is absolutely not. Let me guess, you live in the U.S/UK?


SoontobeSam t1_j6j67qb wrote

Nope, Canada... We have the same problem as the other 2 though... And a lot of US media exposure.