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SgathTriallair t1_j6jhpkz wrote

There are objective truths but it is impossible to know our present them all. When only some information is presented it creates a narrative. We try to make our narratives as course to the truth as possible but the limitations of our physiology makes this impossible to fully achieve.

Objective moral good is a slippery one. One needs to first define good before one can determine what actions and habits lead to that. I support human flourishing but others argue for obedience to god or maximizing non-interference. You can't have an objective conversation until you agree on what The Good consists of.


superkuper t1_j6ji562 wrote

I’m not disagreeing with that. That’s really the crux of all politics.

The important takeaway is that whoever puts lettuce and tomato together with peanut butter and jelly should be flogged in the streets.


SgathTriallair t1_j6jidtn wrote

I'm glad I succeeded at thinking of something universally despicable that has no real moral weight.