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XVI3 t1_j6cwdb3 wrote

Don't know where you are but I see baby bats all the time. It makes me very happy.


fhgtyjdg t1_j6cvc96 wrote

That's becuase their natural habitats are no longer around. A magical place called the Mall


Cute_Foxgirl t1_j6cvk2g wrote

You can see some at university, but its cold currently so they are sleeping


TeaJazzlike3686 t1_j6g06ow wrote

They're all over my campus. The big winter coats make it hard for them to stand out though


HypnoticRoots t1_j6dhzwr wrote

This former young goth never hung out at the mall. That was for posers.


fhgtyjdg t1_j6di709 wrote

You are a true goth. Wont even conform to the other goths


Bunniesrkewl t1_j6g2pz1 wrote

Not in my area, the biggest mall in North America is 2 minutes away from me.


cautioner86 t1_j6d1bbs wrote

I’m a hs teacher and there’s definitely a resurgence happening now of goth kids and other hot topic adjacent groups that we haven’t seen in awhile!


Outrageous-Pause6317 t1_j6dcnue wrote

My eighteen year old just started sporting black nail polish. Some of his friends are doing the black eyeliner. Trends circle back.


Shalrak t1_j6d1nde wrote

Fashion changes. The goths became emos, the emos became e-girls/boys. Alternative fashion lives on.


AerialSnack t1_j6gwwrp wrote

Emos went to scene before the e trend from what I saw


[deleted] t1_j6dbjj5 wrote



Economy_Estimate8 t1_j6dxd98 wrote

Goths not really about music, it´s much more about appreciating the dark things in life. But yes, many people approach goth/the others just for the music; these are probably the ones that don´t stay that long in the culture


Unkindlake t1_j6erq7k wrote

Goths' not really about appreciating the dark things in life, it's much more about making misanthropic comics about a demanding blood wall and a bunny head nailed to a door frame


evrndw t1_j6dy1ty wrote

Goth is all this and more! it's music, fashion, lifestyle, mindset... pretty much whatever you need it to be, it's a beautiful scene in my opinion, and I'm very proud to be part of it!

But back in the 80's the style began as a musical scene coming from post-punk, that's what I was referring to ;)


Natsurulite t1_j6eg34o wrote

They had to update the definition because there were so many goddamned posers who hadn’t even heard of The Cure

If you put the context of the “goth culture” onto any other subculture, it starts to become painfully obviously how strange its evolution is


keirablack7 t1_j6gkdkq wrote

If you wanna be super gatekeepy (and I don't know why you do) it's actually more about anti establishment counter culture more than specifically music.


evrndw t1_j6glsyz wrote

My comment didn't come out as I expected. I was referring to what goth was when it began back in the 80's, when it was just a musical scene. Of course it became much more than that with time, and today there are many goths who don't even like the music.

I didn't intend to sound gatekeep-ish, just felt that the first comment about goth becoming emo and such could lead to a wrong view as if the scene was only about fashion. I apparently didn't choose the best words though :/


harold-lay t1_j6eijq5 wrote

I look nothing like one but I listen to the music, I wish I did tho, couldn’t pull it off


Ukelikely_Not t1_j6d4fm3 wrote

When you're dead inside, you're always young. The dead don't age.



__garlic__ t1_j6duj7k wrote

You can pry the eyeliner from my cold dead hands ITS NOT A PHASE I LITERALLY BECAME A MORTICIAN


Outrageous-Pause6317 t1_j6dchhu wrote

I see boys and girls with black clothes, dark or black nail polish, and heavy dark eye makeup. Looks pretty goth to me.


DrRadd t1_j6dxxqg wrote

My kid has several goth friends in HS. Two of them have been his girlfriends. They listen to Sisters of Mercy, the Cure, Siouxsie, Type-O Negative. It's kinda weird but cool.


devilskiss1 t1_j6cwgnc wrote

That's because young goths or like we are called in the scene baby bats have problems to show themselves in the sun or we will sparkle too much like the twilight's vampires and we don't want to be associated with that


Shenanigamii t1_j6d34yf wrote

Lol...this other poster said baby bats and i thought they meant the animal. Sheesh im getting old. Thanks for the explanation!


Ridethepig101 t1_j6fvfts wrote

As an elder goth, it is always sad for me to go to the mall and not see cliques of teenagers meandering through the mall. On my most recent trip, I saw a group of teenage goths, and my heart soared. Platform shoes, all black everything, chains, technicolor hair cut like a Flock of Seagulls band member the whole shebang.


Fancy-Banana007 t1_j6eevhy wrote

I do! My niece is a goth, but also as someone who is on the alternative-side in her mid-30s I guess I also go to some places I’m likely to see goths (gigs and bars and such). But I suppose just out and about in general perhaps not so much, hmm, now I’m not sure, I’ll be on the look out!


Infinite420Question t1_j6dj5xn wrote

I'm a 90's goth kid who never grew up. My shirts are always black, about 3 sizes too big from goodwill, 40 inch baggy jeans, with red hair under shaved.

People think I'm a DJ for fuck sakes


Devil_in_blackx t1_j6fm1h2 wrote

My daughters bestie is a baby bat. As an adult goth this makes me very happy


LET-ME-HAVE-A-NAAME t1_j6ejlxt wrote

I literally had a teen goth girl get a job at my workplace last week.


RecommendationIcy307 t1_j6f9uld wrote

Idk where you are but I’m a baby bat and hang out with several


GuysoftheGood t1_j6f4t9j wrote

Goth fashion is still very big among young people, especially the zoomer generation.

However, while it was always partly about fashion, it's now even more about fashion than it used to be. With zoomers, you can no longer tell what they like or listen to from their choice of appearance. They might look like a goth, a UK82 punk, or a nu-metal mall kid, but it might just turn out that they're mostly into j-pop and EDM. They treat the history of alternative fashion as a smorgasbord where they can pick and choose whatever they want.


ImHufflePuff_Crap_ok t1_j6gq9v8 wrote

You wrote zoomer and now all I can see is a goth kid doing zoomies like a cat at 2 AM…


Sentsuizan t1_j6fie81 wrote

Any subculture is like this. Once it becomes mainstream, it doesn't feel like you're expressing individuality anymore.


GrumpyUncle_Jon t1_j6cymqd wrote

That's because the prior generation couldn't reproduce. :P
Same with Juggalos - I saw a couple a few days ago & my wife didn't even know what they were.


Infinite420Question t1_j6diuh9 wrote

90's Goth Juggalo Represent Whoop Whoop.

Wicked Clowns Will Never Die..... Bitches


PreppyFinanceNerd t1_j6ds9m3 wrote

I was a part of the whole emo goth rise in popularity of the early to mid 00s when I was in highschool.

I've heard they call them E Kids now?

All I care about is that MCR is back. Even if these days I dress like J Crew threw up on me I still love the old hits from 2004-06


JBirdFungophile t1_j6fnuki wrote

???? It's literally considered cool to be goth or emo nowadays. Which sux cus when I went to school I got bullied for it!


devilskiss1 t1_j6i7dlw wrote

No, it's cool only on the internet, I guarantee as a young goth (or like we get called in the scene baby bat) that you get bullied a lot even today, but the problem might be that I'm in italy or if you don't get bullied you are a fetish for others and get sexually harassed


HypnoticRoots t1_j6le9xt wrote

That's exactly how it was where I lived in the US, as a teen goth in the 90s... Though I think the bullying sounds like it's a lot worse these days.

If anyone ever tried to bully me, I didn't even care so they just moved on to someone else... Too bad the same thing doesn't work if someone is sexually harassing you.


risingstanding t1_j6g6ea0 wrote

Haha they're inside on their phones, like all the other young of any given group


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noopenusernames t1_j6doyg9 wrote

Because society bullied them down so far into submission into “conforming with society”


iamnotroberts t1_j6fh7nm wrote

I always got a kick out of people who were like "I'm not a conformist like you!" but they bought all of their clothes at Hot Topic. Like, you would be at a club/rave/etc. and several people would be wearing the exact same Hot Topic outfits, shirts, shoes, etc.


ImHufflePuff_Crap_ok t1_j6gqfm5 wrote

Yeah, that was my issue in the rocker/punk/goth circles… like.. do we all need to wear the same thing while complaining about being institutionalized…


iamnotroberts t1_j6gsoii wrote

Yeah, subcultures often develop their own unique styles, and then inevitably those unique styles are distilled down to mass-produced and commercialized kitsch. And new people want in on this or that subculture, but they can't make their own culturally identifying items or clothes, or buy them from obscure stores (before the internet started selling everything) but's everything they need to identify with this culture on this rack right here, a shirt, chain, hat, bracelets, shoes/boots, etc. And these subcultures and in-groups aren't always the most inviting to new people either, which pushes them to these cheap, commercial versions instead of the genuine culture.


thanatos703 t1_j6f23n0 wrote

I saw some couple in their late 30s in goth attire today at work


MarsMonkey88 t1_j6fxjjv wrote

Tragically, young goths were all wiped out in the tsunami of adulthood that swept across the continent about 10 years ago. Their population has not recovered. There is some hope that a resurgence in the popularity of early aughts emo music may help the young goth larvae pupate to maturation, however longitudinal studies take time…


GingerBeast81 t1_j6gd1ql wrote

My 15yo kid and friends have been sporting the goth for 2 years now.


liltinyoranges t1_j6gd415 wrote

I see them every single day (I have an emo-lite 13 yo daughter lol) at the junior high.


Belteshazzar98 t1_j6giixp wrote

Unless early 20s aren't young anymore, I know a few around my age.


keirablack7 t1_j6gjzsa wrote

As a young goth... we tend to stick to alt nightclubs more than shopping malls these days🤭


reeny706 t1_j6gke6v wrote

Umm please come to my house. My baby goth, 13, is awesome and sooooo much more cool than I could ever be


SecretPrinciple8708 t1_j6gktk2 wrote

Maybe they’re drinking Clamato in the woods and becoming Vamp Kidz.


GiftOk1247 t1_j6gnzxk wrote

You’re delusional. I’m a young goth and so are 2 of my friends. You just aren’t looking in the right place


nightmareorreality t1_j6gollu wrote

Yeah idk where you’re at but I see them all the time. Maybe you aren’t in a city?


sixjasefive t1_j6gs9ao wrote

Except everywhere, at every school function of my kids that I attend. Literally, many….easily found.


wain13001 t1_j6gssjn wrote

I intermittently see a few young people who call themselves Goth because they put on some fishnets or black nail polish and took a photo of themselves here on reddit...not exactly where I'd put the gate, but whatever. It's pretty clear they couldn't name a goth band to save their lives.


Oakleafh t1_j6gu8uh wrote

Im a youth councellor, i can assure you there are plenty of young goths.


ShatteredInk t1_j6gvfyt wrote

Rummage through tick tock, and you'll find them. I'm the resident goth of my area, andI see plenty of Littles when I go to any county faire or city event.


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drrevo74 t1_j6dkdbm wrote

They'll be back. Every 10 years like clockwork. Whining angsty melodramatic clockwork.


outspokenguy t1_j6e19uv wrote

Hmm. As opposed to all the other whining angry melodramatic social lifestyles? /S


Klutzy-Employee-1117 t1_j6f5lgq wrote

They are all trans now kids always do the common thing to appear different. It’s about feeling outside the norm but needing a group identity as they have yet to figure out who they are yet.


iamnotroberts t1_j6fhuju wrote

>They are all trans now

Goth culture is just "trans now" huh? Since when?

Speaking of group identity, it's pretty obvious what yours is.