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draculamilktoast t1_j6kddw6 wrote

> It really is a shame how completely useless the internet has become.

Yeah you can only use it for entertainment, employment, education, socializing, communication, research, file transfer, commerce, distributed supercomputing, telepresence and controlling teapots. Completely useless. What we really need is a series of pneumatic tubes! The tubes could contain actual cats, none of this digital nonsense that doesn't even exist.


Dwarfdeaths t1_j6kuybu wrote

Lol I've semi-seriously thought about a system of (pneumatic? electromagnetic?) tubes to take on the increasingly large role of home delivery services. Instead of trucks and cars with humans manually delivering small packages, food, etc., we could just create a standardized tube system. Anything below a certain size can be shipped via tube, and only the big stuff requires an over-the-road solution. Then the only questions are how big should the envelope be and how much would it cost to install?


draculamilktoast t1_j6m7e55 wrote

A drone flying a package home to you doesn't require expensive infrastructure and can theoretically carry a package of any size. The real advantage to a tube system might be in speed and maybe requiring less energy per delivery but plumbers are not rich for no reason.


Dwarfdeaths t1_j6mh5th wrote

I'd think plumbing is way more complicated than a package system. Plumbing deals with a variety of pipe sizes, terminal devices, hydrodynamics, chemistry, etc. all meticulously integrated into your building. A package system just has to get a single type of object to the general vicinity of your building, and that object won't deposit limescale or grease over time. I think a better analogy is internet infrastructure.