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Rhonijin t1_j6hbk6l wrote

We're also the same way about showing our teeth. Smiling is so natural to us, but showing your teeth like that is generally seen as a sign of aggression for most animals.


_Weyland_ t1_j6hdhih wrote

Is at only among predators or herbivores too?


themasterd0n t1_j6hix2y wrote

I can't think of any herbivores that bare their teeth. I can't think of any herbivores that fight much with their teeth, so baring them would have no reason to be seen as aggressive.


2017ccb1 t1_j6j1faw wrote

Pretty sure gorillas do


themasterd0n t1_j6j26bt wrote

Not sure about gorillas but I don't think so actually... Mostly pounding isn't it


JankoDzbanko t1_j6j71dk wrote

It's pretty similar with humans as well. When you smile you only show a tiny bit of teeth maybe sometimes a little more. But go up to a mirror, rise your upper lip to expose you teeth and you'll look vicious af.