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IndianRedditor88 t1_j6hfg9m wrote

Our other Primates relatives also wield things but yeah not exactly like how we do


MEMENARDO_DANK_VINCI t1_j6ipupg wrote

Having as little as a rock in your hands makes you a deadly weapon. This is why we open our hands.


Spredda t1_j6k32zy wrote

This is going to depend largely on where exactly in my hand the rock is.


MEMENARDO_DANK_VINCI t1_j6k3at8 wrote

Well you also gotta remember than when these speciated instincts and cultural norms were being instilled in us largely every human would know how to use a rock to defend themselves


Spredda t1_j6k49cj wrote

Oh I just meant like if I had a rock literally in my hand I'd probably be more incapacitated than anything.


DemonKing0524 t1_j6ltw82 wrote

The other commenters was suggesting people might use rocks as fist packers or as clubbing instruments. I've heard of people using lighters etc a small rock would work the same though for a fist packer. Using a rock in other ways to hit someone should be fairly self explanatory


jordantask t1_j6kb5or wrote

The significance of the raised hands gesture is the ability to see an open palm. You can see that nothing is inside the open palm.

It’s also not terribly efficient for humans to attempt an empty handed strike against a person with a flat, open palm this way. Boxing teaches you to throw punches the way it does because it’s the most effective way to deliver energy to a target with empty hands.