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Xeludon t1_j6jdw04 wrote

They're incredible creatures, I wonder how long it'll be before they start to create and build things, maybe small huts, houses, shelters.

I'm fairly certain we could teach them how to build and they'd remember it and pass down the knowledge.


Awordofinterest t1_j6jfyta wrote

Well they are already very good at building shelters, Orangutans, Gorillas, Chimps and Bonobos are well known to build nests in trees, but they also make use of overhanging tree branches and brush for shelter, and have been seen making their own canopies out of brush and leaves. Yes. They know how to deflect rain from overhead.

Orangutans have been seen using large leaves as umbrellas.

What scares me, that people will see what they can do, and attempt (Or reattempt, i'm sure it's been tried before) to enslave them in some way.


Xeludon t1_j6jhch4 wrote

They already do;

I can't find any links but I'm pretty sure I heard of chimps and orangutans being used in factories, might not be true though.


Awordofinterest t1_j6jj0lb wrote

Yea, maybe we should all be nuked.


Xeludon t1_j6jjho9 wrote

It would be for the best, but tbh, the primates would just pick up where we left off.