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fatbongo t1_j6m7a98 wrote

Maybe it’s because of my father’s Irish parents but he had no problem swearing around me lol 😂


Jump_Like_A_Willys t1_j6mlc7v wrote

My mother would swear around us in her native language of Greek. Nothing terrible ("skata", etc), but curse words nonetheless.


tatertot225 t1_j6oetkn wrote

Ah, nice, I have something to blame, my Irish roots


fatbongo t1_j6oik3x wrote

I also blame that for my (somewhat) reddish hair and my translucent skin


sonicjesus t1_j6pitn0 wrote

They keep telling you you're not the Godson of Satan himself despite the fact you will literally burst into flame if exposed to sunlight.


sonicjesus t1_j6pibdk wrote

I have no idea what arse worshiper knobgoblin crotch cricket means in Gaelic, and i don't ever want to know the translation.


GoatTotes t1_j6mqq78 wrote

🤷‍♂️ Everyone I know with kids curse around them... and a few let their kids curse. They're just words.


Winter_Match5072 t1_j6ov24d wrote

I never swore in front of my parents and it meant that I could never really be myself around them. My kids get a free pass. It’s very liberating and leads to a lot more openness I believe.


Epyx-2600 t1_j6p4m15 wrote

I agree, just words, but I want my kids to learn how to express themselves better. Swear when the situation calls for it but not excessively. Smash a thumb with a hammer - not upset if an F-bomb flys out, but I draw the like at casual swearing. I try not to express myself like that as well.


berrylakin t1_j6mlczh wrote

It's probably for the best. If my kid added a "fuck you" while staring at me doing exactly what I told him not to I'd loose it.


nviousguy t1_j6mrbgb wrote

I absolutely curse in front of my kids (teens), and I don't mind if they do it in front of me as long as they are using those words properly for emphasis. I don't allow them to just nonchalantly drop the f bomb, and they know they can't do it in front of other adults.

When they curse, I know they're REALLY upset about something.


dqflynn t1_j6oiphu wrote

honestly, I think this is the way to do it. My old man would only get on my case about it when I was getting a little too sailor-like. Made sure I only used profanity when I really meant it.


TrixicAcePolyamEnby t1_j6nlpzf wrote

My teenage kids and I swear around each other. They are just words, and they get meaning across. My kids know how to code switch and speak without curse words in situations that require it.


PaxNova t1_j6o1vq9 wrote

We know it'll happen and the kids will learn eventually, we just don't want to be the ones responsible for it.


IHateMath14 t1_j6oehsl wrote

No no my mother and father swear around me constantly, but IM the one that can’t swear around them.


NoSleepNoCoffee1 t1_j6nsfri wrote

I mean my 2 year old is a parrot right now. She just repeats everything we say. I don’t really want her dropping curse words because we’ve said them so yeah we refrain from swearing in front of her.


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Habiskybombdigy t1_j6ndf7l wrote

Could simplify the post and say " we only curse around are own age gap and peers"


ihavechronicrealness t1_j6nxyc8 wrote

My dad would curse while taking me to school, and then my mom would curse while talking about my dad on the way back home after school.

This was elementary school btw.


ARobertNotABob t1_j6o7iu6 wrote

And "sex" is something the upper-class keep their rubbish in.


Supergazm t1_j6p0v33 wrote

My wife and I don't censore ourselves around our children. I know they both cuss. I really don't care as long as they don't do it in front of my inlaws.


sonicjesus t1_j6phq3r wrote

It was only overhearing my friends 11 year old daughter that I remember how blushingly obscene a little girl can be.

I sincerely hope she knows little boys don't want to do anything to whatever she thinks that part of her body is called, even if she feels the need to diddle her cookie with a wicket about it.


AA_NerdGirl t1_j6ly4fi wrote

yes. yet, taboo is the only remaining true organic form of birth control of the human species.


Denaton_ t1_j6mypdz wrote

Told my kids that there is an age restriction on cursing and they will have to wait until they are 18..


NotreallyCareless t1_j6nrrds wrote

How to get your kid to keep a charade around you early on.


Denaton_ t1_j6nuiev wrote

I don't expect them to believe me in the long run, but now the oldest is soon 6 and they believe anything you say to them..