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Juzofle t1_j6nr4d6 wrote

I was taught that a syllables can be counted by the number of times the chin moves when saying it. Acording to this logick it has 1 syllable.



Mattie725 t1_j6nubtb wrote

tries to say a P without opening his mouth


Calenchamien t1_j6o7e8y wrote

I think it’s actually the s at the end that’s the problem. A “p” is easy to say without opening your mouth. But you literally can’t make an s sound without parting your lips


hearnia_2k t1_j6nvxh6 wrote

I don't think so, for example 'example' is 3, and 'channel' is 2.

In Channel you never close your mouth, so if you strat open you use 0 syllables, even if you start closed you only open it once.

With example you only close once during the word, si it's 1, unless you start with a closed mouth, then it's 2.


Calenchamien t1_j6o7pot wrote

I learned it that syllables count the number of times you say a vowel sound (even if that sound is not produced by an actual vowel, as in “example”, where the “ple” sounds like “pull”)