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T_WREKX t1_j67im78 wrote

Every single living creature will some day eventually cease to exist scientifically speaking. No anti aging treatment will grant immortality to anyone.


WBurkhart90 t1_j68ztk9 wrote

I'm sorry but I can't stand arrogant truth statements like this. Do you know every single possible discovery that's possible in our existence? You don't. You can say things like reasonably speaking, sure, but making fact statements in the dark is irresponsible and intellectually dishonest.

You don't know what we can create, discover, or innovate. What if we could create a new universe that we can enter that is still in it's youth far from a heat death. This is just the most basic idea I could think of in moments writing this sentence. I'm sure you'll say that's not possible, because again you have all knowable knowledge in the entire universe.