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Yuugian t1_j5h5gkr wrote

It's time we expand our Zoe Saldana pallet. What can we do with an Orange or Red Zoe? What heights can we reach with Yellow?

Is the world ready for Purple Saldana?


drgmaster909 t1_j5hgajb wrote

> Orange Zoe

Damn if only they'd cast her in Cats it would've been a billion dollar movie.


casualsubversive t1_j5hiwtt wrote

On the contrary! We must hone in on the shade producing the effect! It's time for a teal Zoe Saldana.


Justredditin t1_j5i0bwm wrote

“You know when it comes to racism, people say: " I don't care if they're black, white, purple or green"… Ooh hold on now: Purple or Green? You gotta draw the line somewhere! To hell with purple people! - Unless they're suffocating - then help'em.” - Mitch Hedberg


RyFro t1_j5hwyag wrote

She is the infinity stones personified.


BiggestFlower t1_j5hzmf4 wrote

There’s pallet, palette, and palate. You wanted the middle one.


malkumecks t1_j5i91j2 wrote


[deleted] t1_j5idhwr wrote



sentientketchup t1_j5iiq2u wrote

I also don't get this. Rami Malek is American, with Egyptian parents. He played Parsi-Indian descent British Freddie Mercury and he does not exactly resemble Mercury. He had two hours of daily make up including a prosthetic nose to play Mercury. I haven't seen any criticism of that- film got four Oscars and any news comments about the makeup is with praise about how they achieved the look. Why is Saldana's case different?


malkumecks t1_j5ixefy wrote

It’s ignorance. Rami caught a little flack from the online minority about why an American actor was picked to play Pharoah Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum. Some people just want to complain for no reason.


RarePoniesNFT t1_j5i6xvw wrote

These are good names for specialty mixed drinks. "I'd like one Purple Saldana please, and an Orange Zoe for the lady."


wakka55 t1_j5hd3f7 wrote

For those out of the loop, Zoe Saldana starred in Smurfs and Shrek.


SirMcCheese t1_j5hgi7n wrote

Don't try and trick people the green character was Mike Wazowski.


SulkyShulk t1_j5hy2sn wrote

It was hard to tell there was a logo over her face.


Groezy t1_j5i27y0 wrote

but he only has one eye, surely cg wasn't that good when monsters inc came out


ptrknvk t1_j5hgond wrote

Ffs, I really believed you, but then cared to check.


skankhunt402 t1_j5hizv3 wrote

Just guessing but she played someone in Avatar and was Gamora in avengers right


spacepilot_3000 t1_j5hnedi wrote

>someone in Avatar

Damn man she was one of the main characters, why you gotta do that to her


skankhunt402 t1_j5hok4k wrote

Avatar is so old I couldn't even tell you one characters name. I was just guessing cause I didnt know the name of the actor who played Gamora either


Nightingdale099 t1_j5hqq2f wrote

I bet you 10 money that the main character is Jake , and Ripley from Alien is not playing nor named Ripley in the movie.


chocodar t1_j5hr0s0 wrote

Might be stirring up again because the second one is in theaters currently


brutexx t1_j5hrpv9 wrote

Really fun watch too, I’d recommend it


chocodar t1_j5hszi8 wrote

Ooh nice, thanks! I imagine the visuals are stunning


brutexx t1_j5ht3e0 wrote

They definitely are. Some incredible sfx were put into it.


truejamo t1_j5i7dhc wrote

Really? I keep hearing it's not good at all.


brutexx t1_j5ia5jg wrote

It’s interesting what sort of opinions you can get out there, mainly on the internet. What I can say for sure is that I found it very pretty.

Also that according to some videos I saw on YouTube later, there was some real impressive things done for the sfx they achieved.

I liked the story too. Fairly straightforward yet still enjoyable throughout imo. I just, well, liked the film lol.


Sipredion t1_j5ia7v3 wrote

The first thing people bash in a movie they don't like these days is the vfx. They're often the same people falling for amateur blender fakes and shitty photoshop all over reddit and tiktok.

My point is most people don't actually know what good and bad vfx looks like, it's just a convenient way to hate on a movie.


RedCaio t1_j5im5nf wrote

I liked it more than the first one


hydriplex t1_j5hjl4e wrote

Star Trek


skankhunt402 t1_j5hk88e wrote

I could be wrong but I dont think they had any multi billion dollar movies


hydriplex t1_j5hrh7i wrote

Oy, was a joke. She wasn't body painted in Star Trek, either.


SithDraven t1_j5hm047 wrote

Combined, the ST films have raked in over a billion. Still not bad.


skankhunt402 t1_j5horoa wrote

Yeah but it wasnt really what was being talked about. Is she in star trek? Which one


Erindil t1_j5i6oev wrote

That's because Zoe Saldana wasn't painted blue or green.


replaysMike t1_j5hzdua wrote

And Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy of course


wakka55 t1_j5i075n wrote

sir she is not blue in star trek


replaysMike t1_j5i485d wrote

Ok you got me there, but she was in it and should have been green or blue


nemplsman t1_j5i4jcw wrote

When you say she starred in Smurfs, are you saying she actually starred in Smurfs or in Avatar, which is essentially a Smurfs movie?


cookiemonster247 t1_j5hi2xn wrote

James Cameron has directed 50% of multi billion dollar movies


Font_Fetish t1_j5hwhu0 wrote

So you’re saying that a painted Zoe Saldana is 16% more important to a movie’s chances of hitting $2 billion than James Cameron’s involvement?


moeburn t1_j5i4p3i wrote

James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron.


bguzewicz t1_j5i9zf0 wrote

James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron IS… James Cameron.


Filidos t1_j5hafos wrote

So what you're saying is that we need her to play Mystique in a new X-Men movie...


LittleLisaCan t1_j5hi13s wrote

Or Ivy if she's doing DC


IAmTheAsteroid t1_j5htui5 wrote

Actually... I think she'd make a good Ivy


johntheflamer t1_j5hxv0y wrote

Genius. All DC needs to achieve the same level of film success as Marvel is to capitalize on the many shades of Zoe Saldana


replaysMike t1_j5hzytw wrote

Oh dang that’s a really good idea actually. She would make a great mystique


Tarzan_OIC t1_j5h6119 wrote

She's also somehow never been on the Forbes Top 100 paid actresses list. PAY THE WOMAN


TurkeyLuver t1_j5hcerg wrote

Avatar doesn’t make this much because of the acting.


coldstar t1_j5ht6n7 wrote

Obviously it's the great screenwriting.


krectus t1_j5ha5go wrote

Pay the woman who paints her more.


KhaoticMess t1_j5hjbah wrote

Or save money by allowing me to paint her. I will work for free.


Ayjayz t1_j5hzj78 wrote

I think if she tries to hold out for more money they'll just go elsewhere.


No-Wonder1139 t1_j5hq11m wrote

On top of not painted in Pirates of the Carribean and star trek. She's been in a lot of billion dollar movies


fightingpillow t1_j5htder wrote

Star Trek really messed up by not casting her as her green roommate that Kirk slept with.


TheRiteGuy t1_j5ihyi2 wrote

Too bad she got picked up by Marvel. Sure not bad for her bank account. But I'd love to see her in more action movies like Colombiana.


balrus-balrogwalrus t1_j5hj6o5 wrote

We need red Zoe and Yellow Zoe. Uhura from Star Trek wears red but isn't ACTUALLY red so that counts as half a Technicolor Zoe maybe


lanternkeeper t1_j5hrh0a wrote

I suggested it elsewhere in this post so I'll just repeat it: Soranik Natu.


ZackyGood t1_j5hxhzh wrote

I smell a Billion dollar Simpsons Movie staring Zoe Saldana as Marge Simpson.


candygram4mongo t1_j5i0992 wrote

If I had a nickel for every multi-billion dollar film franchise that features an unusually-coloured Zoe Saldana, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice.


Zapablast05 t1_j5i8u5y wrote

You forgot both of the last Avengers movies, where she was green.


aspdRobot t1_j5hu31e wrote

After looking up her imdb she's been in more than I, or probably you, realized. Pirates, Star Trek, My little freaking Pony(some weird white and green bird thing), and more. Also why looking why does it show Avatar 3 and 4, 2024 and 26, respectively???


sepseven t1_j5hxc6r wrote

What do you mean? Is she not in 3 and 4 or something?


aspdRobot t1_j5hxsjh wrote

No it shows thoes under her imdb, my beguilment was related to the fact that they are already planning two sequels not that she wasn't in them.


ericthepilot2000 t1_j5hyq40 wrote

I believe 3&4 were in the works from the get-go once 2 got greenlit. 2-3-4 were a package deal, one of the reasons why there's such a gap between 1 and 2


Thubbe42 t1_j5i2k3o wrote

Not sure about 4 but 3 has already finished shooting, so yeah


EvilBertMacklin t1_j5i0gg6 wrote

They filmed 2,3, and 4 at the same time. When 2 released, 3 was already finishing post production.


aspdRobot t1_j5i1yi4 wrote

Why you down voting me like im supposed to know that information, I don't even watch these dumb ass coloured people movies


NeverBob t1_j5i1zky wrote

If you haven't yet, give The Losers a watch.


DrewFlan t1_j5hyyze wrote

You stole this from a comment you read on the Avatar post near the top of /r/all right now.


Nyxtro t1_j5i0yzu wrote

Maybe he read it while in the shower


EdgeBandanna t1_j5i2ng4 wrote

This is such an obscure statistic that I think you either work for, or should work for, Major League Baseball.


prprprprprprpr t1_j5iiybc wrote

The $2bn+ grossing movies in order are:


Avengers: Endgame


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Avengers: Infinity War

Avatar: The Way of Water


PraetoriaPotestas t1_j5iz87m wrote

Huh didn’t know that about Star Wars TFA. Shows how much Disney screwed up with none of the other trilogy up there


Unsimulated t1_j5i1n8z wrote

It's 75% baby.

Avatar 1, 2 and Endgame. Just not Titanic.


umbreon182 t1_j5l9bmk wrote

66% She’s in: Endgame, Infinity War, Avatar 1 e 2 Not in: Titanic and Star Wars 7.


little_girl_vegas t1_j5i7po9 wrote

Yes Zoe is awesome I everything she does. Loved her since Center Stage and she's still one of my favorite actresses


TheNuttyIrishman t1_j5i8qic wrote

Still waiting on the power rangers reboot with Saldana as every single power ranger.

Surely its a $12B movie !


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misterconstrued t1_j5hozhv wrote

Real question- possible racism? Like, she's more marketable as anything other than black or Latino dominican?


SweetNeo85 t1_j5hv3u1 wrote

The blue or green of her skin never hid her blackness though. Just as Sam Worthington's never hid his whiteness. She's just a great actor that has been really lucky and happened to get hue-shifted a few times.


bigfatcarp93 t1_j5i1wit wrote

And genre movies tend to be the most profitable because scifi and fantasy have really good mass appeal ever since the eighties, so you're more likely to see technicolor characters in high-grossing films.


GamingDragon27 t1_j5hkt50 wrote

Yeah this was a meme like 3 years ago when Endgame came out (ex. 3/5 multi-billion dollar movies have Zoe Saldana in full body paint). Good work posting something original.

I have to clarify that I point this out because the odds of OP just re-hashing some meme or post (that would have came back to the front pages of Subs related to Marvel/Avatar due to the release of Avatar 2) is much higher than him coming up with the same thought on his own. Its scientifically proven internet users aren't original.


watchnickdie t1_j5hp8rl wrote

Right? They should know everything ever posted on the internet like the rest of us do. What a loser.


GamingDragon27 t1_j5hs669 wrote

I understand you're being sarcastic but its not that hard to understand that this is too specific a thought for some rando to come up with again on his own, especially when it was jerked around so frequently on Avatar/Marvel Subs back then, which is something OP likely would have seen given his interest in both subjects. Quit acting stupid. Or perhaps its not acting at all lmao.


Cerebr05murF t1_j5hqisd wrote

3 years is forever in Internet time. This now a reimagined hot take.


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Tarzan_OIC t1_j5h62r3 wrote



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Spike-Rockit t1_j5hhlzi wrote

By definition multi means more than one. Two is more than one


wrongleveeeeeeer t1_j5h7tcf wrote

Multi billion. 2+ billion.


[deleted] t1_j5ha0g0 wrote



squiddles97 t1_j5hekd4 wrote

2.001 is more then two


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