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Ruadhan2300 t1_j6i8vp6 wrote

Sure. In an obfuscated manner using keyboard shortcuts that relies on you knowing there's even a command, let alone remembering what four buttons you need to press at the same time to make it do it.

Right click, see the list of common tasks, choose the thing you're doing.


I'd rather use a mouse than waste brain-cycles on learning keyboard shortcuts that are unique to the IDE.


abiessu t1_j6jvg3j wrote

A similar argument can be made that touch-typing isn't really necessary to get good use out of a computer. This doesn't negate the fact that someone who learns it (and by extension might take the time to learn keyboard combinations) has a good chance of out-performing someone else who hasn't learned one or both in terms of "raw speed to do a task" in text-editing environments.

In "visual logic" or "block" programming, there's obviously no comparison since the mouse is actually required...

But going back to the shower thought that hacker-types in movies don't appear to use the mouse often, this is appropriate because the tools such a person typically uses are much more suited for keyboard-only interaction, even in their programming environments.


ashrocklynn t1_j6ifpi9 wrote

I mean, that and I'm dealing with literally dozens of objects and variables at a time, how the ide know which I meant? Some are named similarly, making getting to the specific one through typing non trivial...